Casio F 91W Watch

How Do You Turn the Alarm off on a Casio F 91w?

Classical and so dependable for so many years, when it comes to basic functions on a watch, the F 91 W still remains a good watch that is rather user friendly.

Let’s say you had an important meeting to attend to, but the day is gone and you no longer need the alarm on your watch. After all, you don’t really want to wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning.

Even though it may look easy peasy to some, turning the alarm off on your Casio F91w may be quite a challenge for others.

You may start by selecting the “alarm set” mode on your watch. The left lower button is the one helping you on that. You should continue by pressing the right button so that you actually turn the alarm or the hourly reminder off. You could also toggle through the options.

If you still have some questions about it, the daily alarm indicator is the five-line bar at top left. Your alarm is on if this this is displayed. Pretty obvious, yet still is worth to mention: your daily alarm is off if the five-line bar isn’t displayed.

5mm to the right of top left, you notice the bell of the hourly beep indicator. The hourly beep is on every time the bell is displayed. No bell displayed means your hourly beep is actually OFF.

When you are in the “alarm set” mode, go through the options using the right button. When you see on the display the alarm/beep, you wanted in the first place, simply press left lower button once to set your selection. You may end by returning to your watch face.

Turning off the Hourly Beep on Casio Watch

How do I turn off the Hourly Beep on My Casio Watch?

Setting the hourly beep on your Casio watch sure was fun and useful when you need it for a daily routine, but what to do when you don’t need it anymore? You really like your Casio and the fact it’s so dependable in so many situations, but now that you’re done with the hourly activity you don’t need any more the hourly beep.

The hourly time signal that helps know the top of every hour is a great one (when activated), but sometimes you simply want to disable it. Whether it’s for an activity that needs complete silent environment (like when you’re having an on-line job interview) or for a good night, restful sleep, the hourly beep features may be disabled when you don’t need it anymore.

You need to begin by pressing the “D” button that is placed on your Casio’s bottom-left corner. This way you simply switch to “Alarm” mode.

The next step you do is to press the “E” button, which is placed on the bottom-right corner of your watch. You get to notice like this on the display the “Signal” screen.

On the bottom-left corner of your Casio, you find the “C” button. Pressing this button helps you disable the hourly time feature. You’re sure the feature is not able anymore if its signal icon (a bell) can’t be seen any more on the screen.

Casio Baby-G Watches

How Do I Turn Off Hourly Chime On Baby G?

Baby G watches are great options for all women out there that are always on the run and care about the functions of a watch and not so much about the pretty beads and sparkles.

The Baby G models are quite many and most of them include the common functions: stopwatch, timer, and light and water resistance.

What we like a lot on the Baby G watches is that they combine amazing looks and durability as they are built to take few drops and heavy-duty wear.

The Baby G has its own downsides and as much you may have been enjoying a using the hourly chime, maybe sometimes you need a break from it.

You should being by pressing repeatedly the Mode button until your watch displays time-of-day. You continue by pressing and holding down the Split/Reset button. At this moment, you get to see the alarm time as it’s held down. You should press the Mode button once again and notice a line of dashes on the top of the display. They turn on and off repeatedly.

As the dashes are “on”, you get to hear the chime on the hour. You should repeatedly press the mode button until you get to see normal time.

You may also turn off both the hourly chime and the alarm by following these steps. You begin by pressing the button on the top left of your watch. Your Baby G gets in the alarm mode like this.

You continue by pressing the bottom right button and turn on/off the alarm. You need to press the bottom right button until you see the message “Sig Alm”. You end by pressing the top left button so that you exit the alarm mode and get back to the normal functioning.

G-Shock Mudmaster

Are All G-Shock Watches Water Resistant?

Some of the toughest watches out there are definitely the G-shock watches. Manufactured by Casio, these watches are truly made to take the mechanical shock and vibration. After all, their full name is “Gravitational Shock”. For the newest models for various needs, see Atomic811’s top G-Shocks page, or their best dive watches post.

The essentials

These watches are made especially for sports, military and outdoor activities. Most of the G-Shock models out there are either digital or a combination of analog or digital. They do include a “stopwatch” feature, countdown timer, but also a good back-light and water resistance also.

G-shock WaterproofThe essential design principle on G-watches is though the “Triple 10” concept and this means in fact the watches are made to have a 10-year battery life, a 10-bar water resistance and a 10-meter dropping shock resistance.

These should be on most models, but most G-Shock watches can take a good fall and may be taken under water up to 200meter deep.  Not all G-shock watches come with a 10-year battery-life, but you may get either a rechargeable battery or an extended battery life for your G-Shock. Even the watches from the Baby-G line (geared to women) feature Shock Resist and at least 100-meter water-resistance.

Most G-Shocks out there include 1/100 second stopwatch, a 12/24 hour format, a countdown timer, alarm, but also back-light, auto calendar and hourly time signal.

Waterproof or water-resistant?

A water-resistant watch means it can take pretty well the penetration of water, but not entirely. Water-resistance means lower protection than waterproofness. You may find water-resistant devices that feature a special design so they fight with water, not allowing the water to enter the device. A good watch does need this kind of design in order to survive on a rainy day or hand washing.

Of course that a waterproof device is more dependable when it comes to staying under water. As a matter of fact, this means the device may be easily used underwater. Despite that, there are no standards for the industry to set waterproofness. Some devices may work just fine under water, whereas some may only survive for a short amount of time. It’s up to each manufacturers to decide which term to use, in the end.

Coming back to G-shock, when checking the water-resistance of a watch, you need to check the IP code rating. This should be pretty visible, on the body of your watch.

g-shock water resistant

The IP stands for the International Protection or Ingress Protection and there are various IP codes for various types of “Ingress” protection. The most common one in this case is the IP code ISO 2281.

The International Organization for Standardization gave us a standard for water resistant watches that forbids the term “waterproof” for describing a watch. Obviously, enough, not all watches have to be tested, but only a sampling gets through the testing. The standard is for the watches that we use on daily basics, under water, for not a long time, with a various temperature and water pressure.

The first number after “IP” tells you about the solid protect (from 0 to 6), whereas the second number shows you the degree of protection against the entrance of moisture (ranged from zero to 8). You may get a better understanding of this if you look further into the matter as there are plenty of charts out there to bring some more light into the matter.

For instance, if you want to protect your watch when working, but don’t plan to go swimming or diving with it, get a G-Shock that is water resistant to 30M or 50 M.

If you plan to do some surfing, swimming or water sports, except diving, a 100M G-shock should be totally dependable. Step up the game with a 200M water resistant G-Shock if you are into professional marine activity.

The moment you actually start to dive with your watch, there are various models that fit your various diving skills (it all depends on how deep you plan to dive).

G-shock watches come in many models and they meet many wants and needs. You bet you’re gonna find a waterproof to 200M that takes your hikes through the mud and dust very well every single time. Not all G-Shocks are created the same and you may get a “water 200M resist” watch that you may safely take while swimming, or jet skiing. Because of its rating though, you couldn’t take it for scuba diving. You’d need a G-shock with air tanks for that- the “Diver’s Watch 200M” model, to be more accurate. They are very popular and also known as the “Frogman” series. Truth be told, they are the only ISO 6425 compliant G-Shock watches with a 200M Divers rating. The Master of G Series (Men’s, Digital Watches- Air/Land/Sea) include also the Gulfmaster (that is resistant to rust) and Gravitymaster (the perfect choice for pilots as they take perfectly shocks, centrifugal force and vibrations). Note: the buttons on all Mudmaster watches (all series) are fitted with gaskets to protect against mud and dust.

Long story short? Find the G-Shock that fits your needs the most and check its IP rating to see how deep it can take you.

settings Casio F 91W Watch

How to Set the Time on a Casio F-91w Watch and Review

Manufactured by the Japanese Casio Computer Co. Ltd company, the Casio F-91 watch is part of the Casio F-series of digital watches.

It was in 1991 when we first saw on the market the original Casio F-91 W, but this doesn’t mean the watch lost its popularity since then. It’s a simple, dependable and not sophisticated, very user-friendly watch, which is why it’s still one of the most popular watches out there. You may still find it in various variants. Even though Casio doesn’t actually tell us what are the selling numbers, we can only guess it’s doing pretty well.

A closer look

Casio-A closer lookThere are many things that explain the popularity of the watch, and we start randomly with the net and split  time (lap) functions. The watch also has a 1/100 second stopwatch with a count up to 59:59.99 (almost one hour). You may set an hourly time beep and a single daily alarm that lasts 20 seconds.

We also notice the automatic calendar, which is always good to have. We don’t like though the fact the watch doesn’t come with an auto-adjustment for the leap years since the watch doesn’t record the year. For instance, February comes with 28 days.

A green LED backlight is placed on the left of the display for illumination, but don’t expect to see much in the dark as the light is rather weak.

As for the accuracy, the manufacturer claims the watch is accurate to +/- 30 seconds per month.

A strong feature of the watch is for sure the CR2016 3-volt lithium button cell that lasts for seven years if you’re using the 20 seconds alarm and only one second of light daily. As no one can actually use the watch like that, chances are the battery lasts more or less.

Many watches today are water resistant and the F-91 comes with a dependable rubber seal placed between the steel back and the case. It doesn’t feature though seals for the buttons. The buttons are tightly fitted so water doesn’t really get inside due to the surface tension. The watch takes only some point of water pressure though. Even though the Casio F-91 is marked as Water Resist, we do need to check the various values on that. For instance, the F91W-1 has “30M/3Bar” resistance and this means you may use if on regular basics as the watch takes well few splashes or rain. You can’t actually take it when bathing, swimming, showering or developing other water related activities.

If you get yourself the F-91WC-2AEF, we see the watch actually handles minor splashing.

In a nutshell, the F-91 may take well water submersion every now and then, if the buttons aren’t pressed, but you shouldn’t do it very often.

How to use it and set the time

The F91 includes a daily alarm mode and uses a 24-hour display option.

You may easily control the watch with three side-mounted pushbuttons. You should use the upper left button to turn on the backlight, but also to cancel the alarm, mark the split time, select various settings or to reset the stopwatch.

Casio Watch TipsThe lower left button is to choose the modes of the watch: alarm, stopwatch, time/date  adjustment, and time display.

You may use the button on the right to start and stop the stopwatch, but also to change the setting that you’re adjusting at some time. You may also switch between the 12- and 24-hour modes when using this button.

When the watch is in time mode, as you press this button for three seconds you can see the display read “Casio”. This happens when the watch has genuine parts or made under legitimate license. When you press all three buttons at the same time, you notice how all the cells fill on the LCD, until you press any other button again.

If you want to set the time or date, you need to press the lower left button three times, which puts the watch to time adjustment mode. You may go through seconds, hours, minutes, month, date, day and normal mode by using the top left button.

You get to adjust the flashing value displayed by pressing the right button. You may even zeroed the seconds. If this happens under 30 seconds, the watch zeros in the beginning of the current minute. If it takes more than 30 seconds, it begins the next minute as displayed. You may return the watch to normal mode when you are done with the adjustments by pressing the bottom left button.

The watch shows you seconds, minute, hour, day of the week and day of the month, but also the signs PM or 24H at all times. You find out about the alarm signal status (bar of lines) and also the hourly signal status.

When the watch is in the stopwatch mode, you may read seconds, minutes and hundredths of a second.

Final word

This isn’t the most sophisticated watch out there, for sure. As a matter of fact, the Casio F91 doesn’t come with impressive functions. Low priced, lightweight and dependable for the things you need the most when it comes to a watch (like, “what time is it?”), the watch is always a great option, which may explain its popularity for such a long time.

Casio G-shock Military

How Do I Set My G Shock To Military Time?

Having a G-Shock is great for so many things, but sometimes you end up with a feature that you’re not sure how you turn it on in the first place. For instance, even some may really like the Military time and G-Shock is a popular option among the Military personal, this type of display isn’t for everyone. It’s funny (to say the least) when you find your watch switched to the Military Time all on its own.

It takes some patience and a good understanding of the direction that come with the watch in order to get there.

Set Time on G-Shock

You should begin by identifying each of the 5 buttons of your G-Shock. Two of them are placed at 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock.

Continue by pressing the button from the 10 o’clock. You’re gonna notice how the second digits blink.

Press now the button in the 6 o’clock. You see instantly how the hour digits change from civilian time to military time. It goes the other way around as well.

You may stop the second digits from blinking by pressing the button at 10 o’clock position. When it’s earlier than 1 o’clock, you can’t really tell the difference between the civilian and military format just by looking at the digits. You are always in the military format if the watch displays the “24”.

Top best dive watches

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