G-Shock GX-56BB Review

G-Shock GX-56BB Review

You don’t need to be a timepiece aficionado to know that watches sure came a long way since their humble beginnings.

Don’t get us wrong, watches still tell time, but people have to expect a lot more from the timepieces as technology developed. From the ability of smartwatches that connect to the mobile phone, to the watches that take the impact and challenging conditions, watches are now so much various and sophisticated.

Why do people in the watch industry value the Casio G-Shocks?

Maybe we have the Swiss to appreciate for the accuracy, but it’s the engineer in Casio that we need to respect for their determination in developing the very first G-Shock watches. Back in the 80s, the Casio engineers put their efforts and passion for working for creating the first watch that could handle gravitational shock (therefore, the name G-Shock).

Not only that the G-Shock watches take a fall, but they can also take a splash, with most of the models presenting a water resistance of at least 330ft. Resistance to electrical shock, vibration, low temperatures, and impact are also on the list of necessary abilities of G-Shock watches. Appropriate technologies have been used for providing this sort of performances, with floating time modules being just one of the many.

If you know nothing about watches, you may think that the looks have been sacrificed on G-Shock watches, due to impressive build and performances. You couldn’t be further than the truth, as G-Shock watches are always able to stand out with their designs and looks. Casio G-Shock has been (and will be) still creating models that draw the attention.

What about the Casio G-Shock GX-56BB-1DR series?

Some refer to the GX series as the “King of G-Shock” models as they’re the biggest among the G-Shock watches. The first model was released back in 2010, which resembles the iconic 5600 G-Shock. However, the GX 56 BB is twice the size, and it’s what makes it stand out in the first place. Its size is also its main pet peeve for one that doesn’t go for the oversize watches, nevertheless.

If you’re looking high and low for a military, solar-powered, and stealth-looking watch that takes the heavy-duty jobs of the military, this one is a winner for you. It’s not only the bold look that recommends it but its rugged build and amazing features that helps you rely on it, even in most challenging job situations.

Let’s have a detailed look at the build of the watch!

The matte black finish and the square face are going to be the very first aspects to notice on the watch. The watch is made with resin, whereas the dial window is made of mineral, handling scratches rather well.

As the digital display is gold, it’s sure to understand where is the military vibe coming from. The case is thick and has a triple-layered structure that comes with urethane with Alpha Gel (which is both sturdy and soft). You may take a peek at the fabric on the inner-edges, right under the solar panels.

It’s the Alpha Gel that contributes to the shock absorption, vibration isolation, and heat dissipation. Thanks to the triple-layered construction, the GX-56BB is almost impossible to break. Besides, it also presents water resistance up to 660ft, magnetic strength, and mud resistance. For anyone in the military, the abilities of the watch are going to count so much in harsh environments.

Are the features just as useful as the build?

Even though the GX-56 BB isn’t a Multiband 6 (which is a notable downside for some), it still checking most boxes of reliable outdoor watches. You’re going to have to set the time manually, which isn’t very complicated.

The robust solar power is a great function, and not many sports watch come with it. The power saving mode is going to expand the lifespan of the battery. You may use it at night for saving the battery, as the watch is going to shut off. You make sure you pay attention though as the power saving mode is rather sensitive so if you’re wearing a long sleeve on top of the watch, it’s going to turn off after a while. The Daylight-saving time is useful and easy to operate.

The watch comes with a world time feature of 31 time zones of 48 cities and Coordinated Universal Time.

Many are going to like the EL backlight with afterglow. The light of the backlight is a combination of green and blue. The watch also comes with auto-light function, so reading it at night or in full bright day shouldn’t be difficult. You can also turn the auto-light feature on/off.

The functionality of the watch continues with the ability to set four alarms daily and a snooze function. The watch includes hourly time signal and button operation tone, but you can turn on/off each of them for more customization.

The list of functions continues with the countdown timer, the full auto-calendar, the stopwatch, and the 12/24 time formats.

The strap is long and comes with a rugged buckle with double hook. The hook stays in place as it comes with screwed tube pin. As stated before, everything about the watch recommends it for the harshest conditions when out on the job.

What do we like a lot about the watch? Is there something we want less?

Here’s what we like about the watch:

  • It has a triple-layered build which makes it sturdy and dependable
  • It has shock resistance, water resistance (up to 660ft), and mud resistance
  • It’s very well made and has a military look
  • It’s accurate and takes the excess wear

Even if the minor flaws aren’t deal breakers, it’s only fair that we list them as well:

  • Some think that the digits are a bit dim
  • It’s not a multiband six watch
  • It’s quite big

Is it a keeper or not?

The best is a reliable option for anyone looking for a robust, sturdy, long lasting, and water resistant G-Shock that handles the military jobs just fine. Take a look at its price, and you get to realize why the GX-56BB is quite the jack-of-all-trades anytime!