How Do You Turn the Alarm off on a Casio F 91w?

how to Turn the Alarm off on a Casio F 91w

Classical and so dependable for so many years, when it comes to basic functions on a watch, the F 91 W still remains a good watch that is rather user friendly.

Let’s say you had an important meeting to attend to, but the day is gone and you no longer need the alarm on your watch. After all, you don’t really want to wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning.

Even though it may look easy peasy to some, turning the alarm off on your Casio F91w may be quite a challenge for others.

You may start by selecting the “alarm set” mode on your watch. The left lower button is the one helping you on that. You should continue by pressing the right button so that you actually turn the alarm or the hourly reminder off. You could also toggle through the options.

If you still have some questions about it, the daily alarm indicator is the five-line bar at top left. Your alarm is on if this this is displayed. Pretty obvious, yet still is worth to mention: your daily alarm is off if the five-line bar isn’t displayed.

5mm to the right of top left, you notice the bell of the hourly beep indicator. The hourly beep is on every time the bell is displayed. No bell displayed means your hourly beep is actually OFF.

When you are in the “alarm set” mode, go through the options using the right button. When you see on the display the alarm/beep, you wanted in the first place, simply press left lower button once to set your selection. You may end by returning to your watch face.