How Do I Turn Off the Hourly Beep on My Casio Watch?

how to Turn Off Hourly Beep on Casio Watch

Setting the hourly beep on your Casio watch sure was fun and useful when you need it for a daily routine, but what to do when you don’t need it anymore? You really like your Casio and the fact it’s so dependable in so many situations, but now that you’re done with the hourly activity you don’t need any more the hourly beep.

The hourly time signal that helps know the top of every hour is a great one (when activated), but sometimes you simply want to disable it. Whether it’s for an activity that needs complete silent environment (like when you’re having an on-line job interview) or for a good night, restful sleep, the hourly beep features may be disabled when you don’t need it anymore.

You need to begin by pressing the “D” button that is placed on your Casio’s bottom-left corner. This way you simply switch to “Alarm” mode.

The next step you do is to press the “E” button, which is placed on the bottom-right corner of your watch. You get to notice like this on the display the “Signal” screen.

On the bottom-left corner of your Casio, you find the “C” button. Pressing this button helps you disable the hourly time feature. You’re sure the feature is not able anymore if its signal icon (a bell) can’t be seen any more on the screen.