G -Shock Vs. Baby-G

difference between g-shock and baby-g

Going shopping is something that many love, but it can become a bit of a struggle when you’re searching for something that you don’t know much about.

It’s the case of watches which aren’t just good looking but also can include many functions that help them a real tool for the true outdoor enthusiast out there.

Somewhere along the way, people working in the watch industry have realized that people are also looking for sturdy pieces that would take excessive wear and even a free-fall.

Who is Casio G-Shock?

One Casio engineer (Mr. Ibe) had only one thing in mind:  creating a water and shock resistant watch. He never gave up on his dream and two hundred handmade samples later, he managed to launch the very first watch that would impress with the build and strength. The “Triple 10” principle was fundamental within the development, and the final result would take a 10m (33ft) free-fall, present a 10-bar resistance and come with a 10-year life for the battery.

  • The fundamental features

It was only a matter of time until G-Shock watches would become the perfect image of ruggedness and sturdy build. Resistance to water, electrical shock, gravity, vibration, low-temperature, and impact are some of their fundamental abilities. Urethane protecting the elements inside the structure or timekeeping modules floating inside are only some of the many advanced technologies that Casio would use for obtaining the robust G-Shock watches.

  • The various styles

Another aspect that sustains the popularity of G-Shock watches is the variety of styles as they come with round, rectangular, and even hexagonal shapes. The dials can be digital, analog, or both, whereas the designs remain fresh and perfect for both casual and outdoor use. Let’s not forget that G-Shock watches were created with military needs and outdoor challenges to mind.

  • The connection to everyday life

One thing we also need to highlight about Casio G-Shock is their connection to essential aspects of our lives. Casio released many editions for honoring musical artists, famous athletes or environmental organizations, which makes it so present for modern living.

  • The affordable prices

You might think that G-Shock watches are pricey, especially considering their build and functions. However, G-Shock hit the jackpot once again with basic models that come for as low as $40. GPS, Triple Sensor, digital compass, Solar power system, and Bluetooth connection are some to name amongst the advanced features of the high-end G-Shock watches. Even so, the pricier G-Shock watches still make it as affordable models that are worth every single penny.

As Casio G-Shock managed to obtain toughness and durability with affordable technologies, which is why anyone is owning a G-Shock already can testify for.

What about Baby-G?

Baby-G is the female version of G-Shock, so it makes sense that it resembles it a lot. Its history began in the 90s, and it’s the perfect image of function and fashion, addressing to women that are bold, elegant, and active altogether.

Presenting the same functionality as G-Shock watches, Baby-G timepieces are also water and shock resistance. The list of functions includes the several daily alarms, the stopwatch or the countdown timer functions.

Just as in the case of G-Shock, Casio Baby-G partnered with famous people in the fashion or music industry. Rebecca  Minkoff, Kesha, or Joyrich are only some of the names to mention.

Robust and long-lasting, Baby-G comes more often than not as a smaller version of G-Shock, but do come with specific features that only sustain their overall value.

What are the differences between G-Shock and Baby-G?

Even though G-Shock and Baby-G share their similarities, they do present some particularities so scroll down for the details:

  • The size

One of the most apparent difference to notice between the two is that G-Shock is made for men, whereas the Baby-G is designed especially for the smaller wrists of women.

The size of the straps and the watch’s face differ with the Baby-G coming with smaller straps and looks. Even if the size of the face may be similar, the Baby-G faces aren’t as deep as the ones in men’s options.

Don’t forget about the unisex models (G-Shock provides them too) that look great both in men and women.

  • The colors

Even though G-Shock watches offer plenty of color options, one would typically have to choose from black, silver, blue,  grey, red, and white. The models in G-Shock are a lot more colorful, with pink, yellow, red, white, purple, green, silver, blue, and black as standard options. If you’re looking for vibrant colors for your watch, Baby-G is always going to offer some crisp and refreshing models.

  • Water resistance

Most G-Shock watches come nowadays with water resistance up to 660ft. Even though there is an exception, most Baby-G watches present only a 330ft water resistance (which is also very good). As long as you’re not taking your Baby-G for some deep sea diving or snorkeling, it’s going to be perfectly safe to wear your Baby-G for a swimming session.

Do they share any similarities?

It’s not only the impressive ruggedness or durability that G-Shock and Baby-G share, but also several functions.

Listing the most important ones:

  • EL backlight- The backlight of both brands is great for visibility, ensuring easier reading in all sorts of light conditions
  • Temperature resistance- resistance to low-temperature is a standard feature for both G-Shock and Baby-G, with some models handling temperatures as low as -68F degrees.
  • Long life for the battery- The batteries on Baby-G and G-Shock are durable, and you may even need to replace them after two years of use
  • Auto-calendar- The Casio watches are programmed so that you’re going to know time and date for many years to come. The number of the year may vary, but you may find models that come with Auto-calendar up to the year 2099.
  • Stopwatch- It’s a useful function that anyone is doing exercises or simply living an active life is going to appreciate. An auto-repeat feature and one-hour countdown are just as helpful.

Baby-G BA-110-7A1CR vs. G-Shock Men’s Military GA-110 Watch- who’s winning?

The Casio Baby-G Analog-Digital Watch BA-110-7A1CR is one of the most popular models within its categories. It’s a watch that makes a fantastic first impression due to its white band, white crown and roses gold accents on the dial.

The white watch is a looker, and its skeletonized rose-tone dial with both digital and analog display is going to draw attention in any crowd.

Typical for G-Shock, the Baby-G BA-110-7 A1 CR is not only pretty looking but also durable and rugged. It presents both shock resistance and water resistance up to 330ft. You may take it for snorkeling or swimming, but it’s not safe to wear when scuba diving.

The list of functions turns it into a versatile and accurate timepiece that you can rely on when traveling. World Time (29 time zones, 48 cities, UTC), 1/100th second stopwatch, countdown timer, and 12/24-hour formats are reliable for a very long time. The watch includes  full auto calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099. You may plan your days better as you can set 5 daily alarms with the clock. The watch features LED light so that the visibility of the dial is better even in poor light conditions. Most are going to find the watch easy to set, to read, and to use.

The build is, and the watch comes with a resin band and buckles closure for better adjustment. The strap feels gentle against the skin and doesn’t slide up/down when your wrist gets sweaty.

Let’s see the main good things about the Baby-G model:

  • It’s beautiful thanks to the white color and rose gold accents
  • It has shock and water resistance up to 330ft
  • It’s easy to set it up and to use it
  • It’s comfortable, durable, and accurate

The downsides aren’t significant:

  • The light could be brighter
  • The band is a tad stiff

Beautiful, yet dependable and sturdy, the Baby-G model is a versatile option for any woman or anyone with a smaller wrist.


We’ve tried to put side by side two models from the same series, and for G-shock it’s the G-SHOCK Men’s GA-110 Watch that we’re going to talk about.

The watch is also a looker as it impresses with a bold and rugged appearance. Its matte black finish for this one, and we also notice the gold accents that the Baby-G was rocking. It’s a sporty watch that comes with black and copper-tone dial, having durability feel to it.

It’s shock resistant and water resistant, but you can use it up to 660ft (unlike the Baby-G that you can only take up to 330ft). Just like in the case of Baby-G, you shouldn’t take it when scuba diving, but you can wear it for professional marine activity and professional-level surface water sports. The G-Shock also comes with magnetic resistance, becoming a more robust and more dependable watch than the previous Baby-G.

The list of functions resembles the list of the Baby-G. World Time (with 49 cities and UTC), flash alert, 12/24-hour formats, 1/1000 second stopwatch (it also includes speed indicator), the Auto LED light with afterglow function, and countdown timer. It also comes with full auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099) and five daily alarms possibilities. Setting the watch or using it is rather straightforward.

The resin band has a ribbed build, which makes it robust and able to take excessive wear. It stays in place, no matter how much you’re moving or how sweaty the wrist gets. The metal buckle closure is dependable too.

The watch looks and is, and its appearance is casual, whereas the build recommends it for the excess wear in the military or outdoor experiences.

Listing our favorite things:

  • It’s shock, magnetic, and water resistant up to 660ft
  • It has a rugged build and durable feel
  • It looks cool and sporty
  • It’s dependable and accurate

The inherent flaws don’t make use change our mind:

  • Some may find it a bit big
  • The light could be brighter

Sporty, robust, and dependable, the G-Shock model is a reliable option to try for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts.

Both models share similarities and differences, so let’s start with the similarities:

  • They impress with the beautiful design
  • They’re shock and water resistant
  • The functions run accurately, and the watches are dependable
  • The setting up and the use is rather straightforward
  • The list of features is pretty much the same
  • They’re comfortable to wear
  • The prices are beautiful, considering the value
  • The brightness of the LED could use improvement for both

Even though the models resemble each other a lot, some differences are worth to mention:

  • The G-Shock is also magnetic resistant
  • The G-Shock is water resistant up to 660ft
  • The Baby-G is a bit more versatile thanks to its looks, whereas the G-Shock works better for outdoor and harsh experiences
  • The G-Shock is bigger than the Baby-G

What’s our conclusion?

When it comes to G-Shock and Baby-G, it doesn’t make sense to having to choose between the two. It’s slightly more important that you know who’s going to wear the watch, when, and for which type of activities.

With G-Shock being more robust and more rugged within the build than the Baby-G and the latter being more versatile and prettier looking, it’s all about what matters the most for you when buying. And don’t forget: if you’re still sitting on the fence, you can always go with a unisex model!