October 11, 2020

How Do I Turn Off Hourly Chime On Baby G?

Baby G watches are great options for all women out there that are always on the run and care about the functions of a watch and not so much about the pretty beads and sparkles.

The Baby G models are quite many and most of them include the common functions: stopwatch, timer, and light and water resistance.

What we like a lot on the Baby G watches is that they combine amazing looks and durability as they are built to take few drops and heavy-duty wear.

The Baby G has its own downsides and as much you may have been enjoying a using the hourly chime, maybe sometimes you need a break from it.

You should being by pressing repeatedly the Mode button until your watch displays time-of-day. You continue by pressing and holding down the Split/Reset button. At this moment, you get to see the alarm time as it’s held down. You should press the Mode button once again and notice a line of dashes on the top of the display. They turn on and off repeatedly.

As the dashes are “on”, you get to hear the chime on the hour. You should repeatedly press the mode button until you get to see normal time.

You may also turn off both the hourly chime and the alarm by following these steps. You begin by pressing the button on the top left of your watch. Your Baby G gets in the alarm mode like this.

You continue by pressing the bottom right button and turn on/off the alarm. You need to press the bottom right button until you see the message “Sig Alm”. You end by pressing the top left button so that you exit the alarm mode and get back to the normal functioning.

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