X Drone Mini review

X-Drone Mini G-Shock Review

Even if drones have come a long way and have so many utilities nowadays, the most important one, when it comes to personal drones, is aerial photography. Thanks to new technology, many quadcopters have a more robust design and build so that they’re capable of holding heavy camera equipment.

Many are using drones as they are steady and can take crisp and beautiful pictures. It’s easier for the user to control the camera and to see the photos taken straight from the phone. You can also record videos with high definition for better results. It’s the main reason for which more and more drones are used for wedding and marriage photography. As for the selfies, it’s a lot easier when using a quadcopter, for sure.

What’s to say about an X-drone mini?

It’s wiser that you don’t go ahead and buy the priciest model in town; go with a more affordable model at first. You need to learn how to fly it, and you’re not going to feel sorry when crashing it into a tree (yes, it’s going to happen sooner or later).

Affordable x-drones are great for entry-level users, and they’re pretty easy to control on the beach, in the backyard, and even inside your house.

X-drone minis are small and lightweight, so you may not even have to register it with the FAA. Just because they’re small and light, doesn’t mean that they’re not reliable or loaded with features. Many of the x-drone minis feature a camera that can capture stills and videos. You may use apps for using your phone or tablet along with the x-drone.

How to select an X-drone mini?

TOYLAB X Drone side view


If you’re buying an x-drone mini for the very first time, you should consider several aspects. Let’s take a look at the most important ones:

  • Your level of skill

No matter how confident you are, be true to yourself and think about how well can you fly a drone? You don’t want to choose a drone that is a lot more than you can handle; it’s like money throwing out the window.

It’s safe to select a more affordable model at first and work your way up. Some drones present SAFE technology which increases the stability of the drone, so take your time when selecting.

  • Flight time

It refers to the amount of time a drone is going to be capable of flying on just one charge. The battery size, the flying maneuvers, and the weight play a significant role in the flight time. Most drones out there fly for less than 25 minutes or so, with cheaper models flying around seven minutes. A more expensive model can fly for 15-20 minutes.

  • GPS sensors

Not all drones come with GPS sensors; they’re a standard feature for the pricy models, though. They’re essential as they inform on the precise coordinates of the drone. The drone is going to fly right to the coordinates after you program it. GPS sensors help with the “Return Home” function which counts so much, bringing the drone home with just a press of a button. And you want to have the capacity, especially when you lose sight of the drone.

  • Controllers

The controller (aka “Transmitter”) helps you control and maneuver the drone as you need. Most transmitters feature two analog sticks and run at a 2.4GHz frequency. Some models even come with built-in LCD monitors for better maneuvering.

  • Camera technical specifications

You may find drones for less than $50. However, the less you pay, the lower the quality for the resolution or the list of functions. Many of the cheap models don’t even come with FPV (First Person Viewing), which counts a lot when using a drone. It makes sense that the more you’re paying, the more you should expect in terms of features and overall value.

Check the TOYLAB X Drone GSHOCK 2.4GHz 4ch Radio Control UFO with gyro & Camera (Big) Black+Red – Camera Drone!

If you’re looking for an X-drone that doesn’t disappoint on stabilization, the Toylab X-Drone is one to try. The drone is a G-shock type that features six-axis gyro stabilizer and camera.

TOYLAB X Drone review

The versatility of the drone is, and you can select using one of the three-speed settings (low/medium/high), according to your need. The range is excellent as the drone provides 2.4GHz control.

You may easily control the drone from a distance, which has a high range of 164ft. The drone runs on a 500mAh capacity, running for a good 6-7 minutes. It’s a Li-Io battery which needs 60 minutes for charging. Don’t forget to get batteries for the controller as well. It runs on AA batteries, which are easy to find.

The list of functions is pretty appealing. The drone has Automatic Trim Function, Throw Launch Capability and is able of Radical Flips and Rolls.

At the bottom of UFO’s head, you’re going to notice the camera which is accessible to action for aerial photography. It’s a 300KP camera, and you only need to use the camera shutter button on the remote control for running it. It comes with a MicroSD card where you can easily store your pictures.

You don’t need the registry for using the drone. The mini-drone comes ready to fly and has a good build, leaving a durability feel. It’s, and the controls are comfortable to press with no high pressure. Kids older than seven years can safely operate the drone. It’s a solid choice for entry-level use any given day.

The drone can fly high, and its aerodynamic is impressive. Its looks are attractive as it’s black with grey details. The propellers are black and red, and the nose features a Blue LED light.

The package includes one aircraft, 2x blades A, 2x Blades B, one memory card (1G), one remote controller, and 1 Data cable. It also contains 1x English user manual and 1 X US plug power adapter.

Here’s what we like the most about the camera:

  • It’s easy to operate
  • It comes with six-axis gyro stabilizer and camera
  • You may use it inside and outside
  • It looks cool and has a good build
  • It flies high and seems durable

The inherent flaws are minor, but it’s only fair that we mention them:

  • It’s an entry-level drone, so don’t expect an impressive list of functions
  • It only runs for 6-7minutes, and it needs one hour for charging

As it’s dependable, easy to use, durable, and nice looking, the drone is a great choice when thinking

Why not take a look at the Cyclone X-Drone Mini G-Shock RC Quadcopter w/ Video Camera too?

Cyclone X-Drone review

No matter if you’re an experienced pilot or a beginner, the Cyclone X-Drone Mini G-Shock is going to be a fun choice anytime. It’s going to impress the audience with its abilities as it’s able to spin a full 360degrees and it can even flip. It’s fast and capable of moving with a speed of light (sort to speak) in the air. Due to its design, it can fly both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a controller which allows going through its various modes, just the way you want. The stability doesn’t disappoint, whereas the landing/taking off are rather effortless.

  • What’s the drone all about?

For an excellent price, you’re going to enjoy a dependable quadcopter that features 6-axis Flight Stability System (FSS) for better control. The controls are easy to learn, and the light on the drone improves its visibility at night and makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

  • Why is the Li-Io battery so important?

As it runs on Li-Io battery, the drone is lighter than expecting. In case you don’t know, Li-Io batteries weigh half of a Ni-Mh or Ni-Cad battery with the same capacity as they’re smaller than other types of cells. They’re safer than other options as they have an aluminum outer package, with no polluting substances whatsoever. As long as it’s used properly, a Li-Io battery can take more than 500 charges/discharge cycles and has no memory effect (it means that the battery loses its capacity after some time). A Li-Io battery is also going to charge faster too. It needs 60 minutes for charging, helping the drone run for 6-7 minutes.

  • The technical specifications

The drone presents a sufficient range of remote control distance (164ft). It features four motors and impressive precision Gyro for stability. The Remote Control has a built-in six-axis gyro system.

You’re going to be able to try your photography skills as the drone features a 0.3MP video camera. It’s capable of 360-degree flip and Automatic trim function. The list of tasks also include: Ascend/Descend/Forward/Backward/Hover/Side Flying/Yaw. Its LED lights make it visible at night and help one enjoy the experience more.

The transmitter uses 4×1.5V AA batteries, which are affordable and easy to find.

The drone is relatively easy to use and children older than 14 years may confidently learn how to fly it. It has an attractive look, with black/white and red accents.

The package includes the quadcopter, the 2.4G transmitter, the Li-Io battery, the instruction Booklet, 4x spare propellers, and USB charger cable.

  • What are the ups and downs?

The drone is loaded with functions and here’s what we like about it:

  • It’s a G-Shock X-drone with precision Gyro
  • It has a long list of abilities
  • It runs on Li-IO battery
  • It looks cool
  • You may use it indoors and outdoors
  • It’s dependable and affordable

Far from being deal breakers, the downsides are worth to mention:

  • It’s not the right choice for children younger than 14 years
  • It doesn’t run for a long time

As it’s going to impress with its functions and abilities, the drone is a solid choice for many, especially considering the buck you’re paying.

One last recommendation before you go shopping!

Using a G-Shock drone for your indoor and outdoor activities is both fun and demanding, as long as you figure out how to get the best out of it. As long as you do due diligence and select a model that fits your skills the best way, you shouldn’t postpone buying one any longer.


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