Red G Shock review

Red G-Shock Watches Review

Both functional and aesthetic, watches have been an essential part of our lives for centuries now. As technology developed, the clocks began to include more and more features that nobody even thought about in the beginning.

GPS, Triple Sensor, Tough Solar, and even Bluetooth are only some to name for the new hi-tech watches. Also if they still tell time, the clocks of modern times can be pretty sophisticated and even help one survive throughout the outdoor challenges.

Why is the world so obsessed with G-Shock watches?

Creating a watch that would take excess wear, a fall, and even some splashes have been a dream for many professionals working in the watch industry. One Casio engineer was determined enough for creating that watch and, 200 handmade samples later, he gave the world the watch that soon became the equivalent of strength and toughness amongst watches.

Mr. Ibe created in the ’80s the first G-Shock that presented gravitational and water resistance. Ability to resist to impact, electrical shock, vibration, and low temperature are also significant features for the G-Shock watches. To this day, many models check all the boxes, with shock and water resistance being the important ones.

In case you’re wondering how come the G-Shock watches are so robust, let’s highlight that particular techniques are used in the making. Timekeeping modules that float inside the structure or urethane protecting the elements inside are only some of them to name.

On top of everything else, style and design have never been compromised for the toughness of G-Shock watches. From the iconic rectangular face of the first model to the rugged, yet elegant looks, G-Shock watches always draw attention. The details, the subtle accents, and the overall appearance always make them stand out. Or remain subtle 100%, if that’s, you’re going for.

What’s our top 5 of red G-Shock watches?

  1. G-Shock G7900

The diversity of G-Shock watches may be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what you want in a watch. If red color is what you want, you’re going to narrow down your choices, but it’s still going to be a slow process to end.

Scroll down for our recommendations as we’ve also taken a good look at the features, and build so that you can select a G-Shock that isn’t just red colored, but also dependable and robust.

Our first choice is both affordable and fashionable, which may be enough for many out there. The G-Shock Mens Rescue Series G7900 is one excellent watch, especially for the buck you’re paying.

Apart from its price, the watch makes a pleasant surprise with its fresh look and dependable functions. It has shock and water resistance up to 660ft. You can take it for some professional marine activities, and surface water sports. However, it’s not safe to take it when scuba diving. The watch is also low-temperature resistant (-4F degrees).

The build of the watch is very well made, and the watch comes with a resin case and a mineral dial window. The mineral dial handles scratches and helps with the visibility, whereas the resin case takes the excess wear.

The red resin band features a buckle closure for more effortless adjustment. It feels soft against the skin and doesn’t slide when the wrist is sweaty or wet.

The list of functions is surprising in the right way. The watch features moon/tide graph, stopwatch modes (there are two), countdown timer, and World Time Mode (for 48 cities/29Time Zones). The visibility in dim light conditions is excellent as the watch comes with backlight auto EL and afterglow function. It presents 12/24 hour formats, and you may set daily alarms. The list continues with the button operation tone on/off and flash alert.

The watch comes with auto-calendar pre-programmed until 2099, and its accuracy is 15 seconds (give or take) per month. The Japanese Quartz movement ensures its accuracy.

Listing the main pros:

  • The watch is a shock, water, and low-temperature resistant
  • It has moon/tide graph functions
  • It’s sturdy, durable, and feels comfortable
  • It has a great look, and it’s a good value for the money

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • If you need to replace the band, keep in mind that it’s pricier than you’d expect
  • It does get dirty a bit fast

Beggars cannot be choosers, and the watch isn’t just dependable, nice looking, or accurate as it’s also affordable and money well spent any given day.

  2. G-Shock Quartz GA-100B-4ACR

Our second suggestion is the Casio Men’s XL Series G-Shock Quartz GA-100B-4ACR which is part of the popular X-Large series. If you’re looking for a large and red G-Shock watch, this one is going to be one solid choice.

Its looks are the very first thing that one is going to notice, but the watch is a lot more than meets the eye. In all fairness, the red band looks great with the black face and the white hands.

The watch is very well made and robust, presenting shock resistance and water resistance up to 660ft. It’s safe to wear it for a professional-grade marine activity or surface water sports, but you shouldn’t take it when diving.

The list of functions doesn’t disappoint either, and it includes World Time with 29 time zones (48 cities and Universal Time Coordination), home city/world time swap function, 1/100 second Stopwatch, and countdown timer. You may set the Daylight Saving on/off according to your needs, and five daily alarms. The watch is easy to read and has both digital and analog display. The Auto LED increases the visibility in challenging light conditions.

The watch has a 12/24 hour format and includes full auto-calendar. Its precision is excellent as it runs on a Japanese Quartz movement.

The stainless steel case makes it tough, whereas the silicone band makes it comfortable to wear. The band features buckle clasp for easier fitting. The watch is lightweight and has a clean look.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It has a digital and analog display
  • It’s shock and water resistant to 660ft.
  • It’s lightweight, comfortable, and durable
  • It’s easy to use and looks nice

The inherent flaws aren’t major:

  • The manual is a bit tricky to follow, according to some
  • Some suggest that the digital display needs better visibility

All in all, the watch looks fantastic and doesn’t disappoint on the build and functions. What’s not to like about that?

  3. G-Shock Tough Solar Red GWX-5600C-4JF

For those of you going for the iconic rectangular face of the first G-Shock, the Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Red GWX-5600C-4JF seems like the best option.

The watch is a reminder of the worldwide famous G-Shock 5600, and many are going to fall for the retro feel. Apart from the unique looks, the watch impresses with the functions and build. It’s a solar powered watch which means you’re never going to worry about changing the batteries as it powers from the light. It’s also a Multi-Band 6 watch, which means it’s automatically receiving data 6 times per day for telling the time right.

With its water shock and water resistance (up to 660ft), the watch doesn’t disappoint on toughness either. It provides Moon data and tide graph and ensures regular timekeeping. It comes with World Time function (for 48 cities, 31-time zone), Universal Time Coordinating, and Daylight Saving Time automatic settings. You may use the stopwatch function and split feature too.

You can set 5 daily alarms and be aware of time thanks to the hourly time signal. The watch has power saving features for saving battery life. Therefore, the display is going to turn off after some time when not used in the dark. The watch also has a battery indicator display, which is useful.

The EL backlight is blue-green, and you can use the full auto EL light and the afterglow function according to your needs (you can set it for 1.5 or 3 seconds).

The watch has a 12/24 hour display change function and full auto calendar (up to the year 2099). You may switch the operation sound on/off.

The resin band feels comfortable, and the flat profile of the watch increases the level of comfort as well. The mineral glass provides clarity for the display, handling the scratches.

Compact and lightweight, the watch is a keeper for anyone going for the retro looks.

The things we like the most about it would be:

  • It has a beautiful and retro look
  • It comes with Solar power and Multi-Band 6 function
  • It’s accurate, dependable, and tough
  • It has a slim profile and feels comfortable

The downsides aren’t deal breakers for us:

  • The colors are a bit glossy
  • Some may not go for the striking blue accents

Regardless of the minor issues, as it’s lightweight, compact, solar-powered, and precise, the watch is always a definite “yes” for the retro-looks fans.

  4. G-Shock Twin Sensor GDF100-4

One of the things that make G-Shock watches stand out from the crowd is the features that make the outdoor challenges a lot easier to handle. The Casio Mens Red G-Shock Twin Sensor GDF100-4 is the perfect example of red G-Shock watches that includes functions for the best experiences in the wilderness.

The watch comes with Twin Sensor, which means it includes altimeter/barometer, and thermometer. It’s a shock and water resistant watch (up to 660ft) that makes any outdoor enthusiast enjoy the experiences a lot more.

The altimeter has a 20ft. measuring unit and covers a good range with no reference.(-2,300 to 32,800ft). The watch includes an atmospheric pressure differential pointer as well. The thermometer display range is also generous (14 to 140F degrees), even though some think that its accuracy is better when taking the watch off as the thermometer gauge is too close to the body.

The normal functions of G-Shock watches don’t miss, and the user is going to appreciate the accuracy of every single one of them. The watch can perform the World Time function for 31 time zones (48 cities), city code display and Daylight Saving On/off. You may set 5 daily alarms, whereas the hourly time signal keeps you on schedule. The list of functions also includes the 1/100 second stopwatch (with various measuring modes), countdown timer (with 1 hour and 1-minute increments), and full auto calendar (up until 2099). The button tone operation may be turned on/off, and the watch offers 12/24 hour formats.

The Super Illuminator LED makes the dial easy to read in the dark and the light is bright.

The red resin band feels lovely against the skin and makes a beautiful contrast with the black face.

Robust and well made, the watch is an excellent addition to any outdoor fan’s equipment.

Let’s take a look at the most important aspects:

  • It comes with Twin Sensor
  • The functions are accurate and dependable
  • It has a robust build and looks nice
  • It’s easy to read and has a durability feel to it

The flaws aren’t that concerning:

  • Some think that taking the watch off is going to improve the thermometer’s accuracy
  • One may feel it’s too big for their wrist

For the precise and impressive functions, but also the robust build and exciting looks, the watch is going to be a solid choice for the outdoor fans.

  5. G-Shock Black Dial Red GWN1000RD-4A

For those of you who are willing to pay the extra-buck for an impressive red G-Shock, our last (but not least) suggestion is the perfect fit. The Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Black Dial Red Resin Quartz, Men’s Watch GWN1000RD-4A, is part of the Gulfmaster series, which is the first to include both Triple Sensor Version 3 and Smart Access into the watches. Along with the altitude, barometric pressure, bearing, and temperature readings, the watches (this one including) come with Tide Graph and Moon Age abilities. All of the features are making one handle the outdoor experience a lot better and safer than ever before.

All the watches within the series resemble the shipboard instruments, which explains the marine feel for the clocks. The watches come with large buttons for the critical light and sensor operations, easing out the process. They are the perfect choice for the maritime enthusiasts that always go for the toughness and reliable performance.

The Smart Access means that you can switch between several functions, with no worries for the accuracy. The watch comes with Tough Movement, and the hybrid mounting increases the protection against damage, sustaining the auto home position correction and easy switching between the functions. The watch includes Tough Solar for stable operation when running the energy-consuming features.

The watch is radio controlled, and it’s capable of receiving calibration signals, adjusting the time automatically. It’s a Multiband 6 watch that gets time calibration signals from one of the six transmitters on the globe.

The shock-resistant structure, the low-temperature resistance, and the importance of waterproof build (up to 660ft) recommend it for outdoor use. It also presents mud and vibration resistance.

The case is made with resin and stainless steel, taking a beat, whereas the mineral glass ensures clarity and handles excessive wear.

The watch comes with red accents and navy blue, standing out from any crowd. The Double LED provides easy reading in the dark, and the clock is a wise investment any given day.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • It includes Triple Sensor, Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, and Auto-receive Calibration Radio Signals Function
  • It’s sturdy and a great purchase, taking the extreme conditions on the land, the sea, and in the air
  • It has resistance to shock, vibration, low-temperature, water, and mud
  • Its looks are to die for

The downsides are anything but significant:

  • The dial may seem busy to some
  • One could say that the red isn’t as bright as expected

It’s a high dollar watch that any timepiece aficionado is going to appreciate so you should never sit on the fence about buying it.

The final recommendation

Selecting a G-Shock watch is never easy, especially since they always impress with the robust build, the list of functions, and exciting looks. Adding the color criteria into the equation is going to ease out the process, so take your time when selecting.


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