G Shock GD 400

G-Shock GD-400 Review

In all fairness, watches are supposed to tell time, but the days when they only used to do that are all gone. The watch industry has come a long way from its early beginnings as people raised the bar for their expectations over the years. A watch telling you time isn’t going to do it […]

G Shock GBA 400 Review

G-Shock GBA-400 Review

One of the best things about technology is that it helps developing new and better models for pretty much everything in our lives. The watch isn’t just a device telling us time, but also a tool for finding out our precise position on the Globe or for listening to some music. Incredible, right? Why do […]

X Drone Mini review

X-Drone Mini G-Shock Review

Even if drones have come a long way and have so many utilities nowadays, the most important one, when it comes to personal drones, is aerial photography. Thanks to new technology, many quadcopters have a more robust design and build so that they’re capable of holding heavy camera equipment. Many are using drones as they […]

G-Shock Mudmaster

Are All G-Shock Watches Water Resistant?

Some of the toughest watches out there are definitely the G-shock watches. Manufactured by Casio, these watches are truly made to take the mechanical shock and vibration. After all, their full name is “Gravitational Shock”. For the newest models for various needs, see Atomic811’s top G-Shocks page, or their best dive watches post. The essentials […]