G Shock Gold review

G Shock White and Gold Review

When you’re out there looking far and low for a watch, some aspects are going to count more than others. Whether you’re buying a watch for casual wear or you’re planning to take it on a hike, one thing is sure; it’s impossible not to find one that fits both your likings and your needs.

Why does the name G-Shock pop off so often?

As with everything else in life, things aren’t created equally, and it’s also so genuine when it comes to watches.

Creating a watch that would ideally take a free-fall was an ambition for many working in the watch industry, but it was a Casio engineer who succeeded back in the 80s, creating that kind of watch. The “Triple 10” was the fundamental principle for that type of watch; it was able to handle a 10m (33ft) free fall, come with a 10-year life for the battery, and had a 10-bar water resistance.

Soon enough, G-Shock watches have become the perfect image of toughness and durability, becoming a popular option for people working in the military and outdoor enthusiasts.

Resistance to water (up to 660ft nowadays), vibration, electrical shock, gravity, low-temperature, and impact are essential abilities of G-Shock watches. Casio used advanced technologies such as urethane protecting the vital elements or timekeeping modules floating inside the structure.

Regardless of what you may think, Casio hasn’t sacrificed the style nor the design for the toughness of the watches. As a matter of fact, G-shock watches always have some exciting details or techniques that help them stand out. The digital/analog, or both analog and digital display, the round, rectangular, and even hexagonal shape for the dial- they are only some to mention when it comes to styles.

At the end of the day, selecting a G-Shock that is precisely how you want it is a breeze. No matter what is it that you like the most in a watch.

What are our suggestions?

  1. Casio BA-110-7A1CR Baby-G Rose Gold 

One of the things that make G-Shock watches so popular is their affordability as you can find great models for less than $100. It’s the case of Casio Women’s BA-110-7A1CR Baby-G Rose Gold Analog-Digital Watch with White Resin Band that is going to look great on a woman’s wrist, without even emptying your wallet.

The white statement-making watch features a rose-tone dial (a big part of it is skeletonized), with both digital and analog display.

The list of functions includes World Time (29 time zones, 48 cities, UTC), 1/100th second stopwatch, countdown timer, and ensures 12/24-hour formats. You may set four alarms and one snooze and use the LED light for poorly lit conditions.

The watch is shock resistant and water resistant as well (up to 330ft). You can wear it for snorkeling and swimming, but it’s not safe for scuba diving.

The Japanese Quartz movement explains the accuracy of the functions.

Even if it’s white, the watch doesn’t get dirty that easily. It’s easy to use, to set, and to wear as it’s lightweight and comfortable. The buckle clasp of the resin band keeps the watch in place, no matter how much you’re moving.

Here’s what we like the most about the watch:

  • It’s white with rose-tone dial
  • It’s sturdy, water and shock resistant
  • It’s accurate and dependable
  • It’s comfortable and doesn’t get dirty easily

The minor issues don’t make us change our mind:

  • Some think that the band is a tad stiff
  • Not everyone finds the instructions easy to follow

Regardless of the minor problems, the watch looks fantastic, it’s tough, and it’s a great bang for your buck.

  2. G-Shock GMA-S120MF-7A1CR

If you’re looking for a white and gold G-Shock that takes the outdoor challenges and casual wear just as well, you should take a plunge with the G-Shock Women’s GMA-S120MF-7A1CR.

Presenting a 660ft water resistance, but also magnetic strength, the watch is one rugged model, despite its beautiful looks. It handles mechanical shock and vibration, and the whole build is a gravitational shock as it’s made with “Triple 10” development principle.

World Time (29 time zones, 48 cities, and UTC), city code display, 1/1000 second stopwatch, countdown timer (it features 1-minute and 1-hour increments), and 12/24-hour formats are on the list of functions. You may plan better thanks to the five daily alarms (4 one-time alarms and one snooze alarm) and the hourly time signal. You may turn on/off the button tone. The orange light of the LED is bright and dependable.

The watch comes with a resin band and stainless steel case, taking the excess wear for a long time. The mineral glass ensures clarity for the display and handles scratches. The screen is both digital and analog, which improves its looks and versatility.

Versatile and comfortable, the watch is both a looker and a reliable option. Using and setting it is a breeze, which only makes it more appealing to many.

Here’s what we like a lot about it:

  • It’s magnetic, shock, and water resistant up to 660ft
  • It comes with plenty of accurate functions
  • It’s very well made and has a durability feel to it
  • It’s versatile and beautiful

The downsides are nothing to worry about:

  • The hour hand may get in the way of seconds window
  • The digital font could be bigger

All in all, as it’s sturdy, accurate, functional, and great looking, the watch is money well spent any given day.

  3. G-Shock Quartz 200M WR Shock GA-110RG-7ACR

Rugged and elegant at the same time, the Casio Men’s XL Series G-Shock Quartz 200M WR Shock Resistant Resin Color: White with Rose Gold Accents (Model GA-110RG-7ACR) is going to look great on any wrist.

The watch comes with shock, magnetic, and water resistance (up to 660ft), which makes it dependable for all sorts of outdoor activities. You may take it for a swim, but it’s not the best idea to wear it when scuba diving.

The Japanese Quartz movement ensures accuracy for the many functions. The World Time (29 time zones, 48 cities, and Universal Time Coordinating), speed indicator, countdown timer, and 1/1000th second stopwatch are easy to use and to set. The watch includes a mute function, and you can organize your days a lot more efficiently with the four daily alarms and one snooze alarm. It also comes with an auto calendar.

The auto Led, and the flash alert eases out the use in challenging light.

The build doesn’t disappoint as the watch has a mineral glass face, which allows excellent visibility and presents a low risk for scratching. The resin band has a soft feel against the skin, whereas the retention system into the strap holds it in place even when the wrist gets sweaty or you’re moving a lot.

The looks are amazing, as the white band matches the black dial and golden details on the dial. The watch has an elegant appearance, with no worries for the ruggedness.

Let’s take a brief look at the main functional aspects:

  • It presents shock, magnetic, and water resistance up to 660ft
  • Its functions are accurate and dependable
  • It’s well made and tough
  • It has an elegant and attractive appearance

The negatives are minor:

  • The band has a cheap feel to it
  • One may think it’s too bulky for the wrist as the watch is big

Elegant, tough, dependable, and versatile, the clock still stands out as one heck of an option for anyone looking for a white and gold G-Shock that delivers.

  4. G Shock G Steel Solar radio GST-W300-7AJF

The more you’re willing to pay for your G-Shock, the more you should expect in terms of advanced functions and quality of the materials. The CASIO watch G-SHOCK G Shock G Steel Solar radio GST-W300-7AJF Men’s isn’t a cheap watch, but it still doesn’t qualify as a high-end watch.

The watch comes with Tough Solar, which means that there’s going to be enough energy for all the high-power consuming functions, without slowing down the other tasks in any way. Apart from the Solar charge system, the watch is also radio controlled, receiving calibration radio signal for increased accuracy of the time functions.

Another feature that many are going to appreciate is the needle evacuation function which allows excellent visibility of the hands as the watch has both analog and digital display.

World Time (48 cities, 31 time zones, Summertime setting function, UTC), stopwatch (the split, 60 minutes meter, and 1/100second), timer, and fully automatic calendar are some of the functions of the watch. The watch has a 12/24 time system indication reshuffling and is double LED light for better visibility. It also features Afterglow function, super illuminator, and adjustability for the afterglow function (1.5 seconds/3 seconds).

You may set five alarms and set the operation tone on or off.

Not only that the watch is Solar powered, but it also comes with functions that save the battery (power Saving function- the clock goes into “sleep” mode when not used for some time; and Battery indicator which keeps you posted about the level of battery).

The construction is also, and the watch comes with resin and stainless steel for the case and resin band. It has a shock-resistant structure and inorganic glass dial, which is both clear for better visibility and sturdy, taking the excess wear and possible scratches. It has water resistance up to 660ft.

On top of everything else, the watch looks fantastic and has durability fell to it. The white band makes an excellent combination with the silver screws, stainless steel accents, and the gold and black details on the dial.

Let’s focus on the main good things:

  • It’s radio controlled and solar powered
  • It’s sturdy, reliable, and precise
  • It’s shock and water resistant
  • It’s made with high-quality materials and has incredible looks

Bells and whistles aside, here are the minor problems:

  • Some are going to find the dial a bit busy
  • One may find it a bit large for their wrist

Having said that, let’s not forget that it’s an elegant, robust, and reliable watch that is going to take the excess and casual use for a long time. What’s not to like about that?

  5. G-Shock DW5035E Limited Edition 35th Anniversary

Our last recommendation is the Casio G-Shock Men’s DW5035E Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Digital Watch. The rectangular shape has become iconic for G-Shock, and this one has a retro feel to it. It’s part of a limited edition skeleton collection that comes with a translucent band and bezel and gold IP details on the buckle, dial, case back, and band keeper. It also displays the G-Shock 35th-anniversary logo.

As a matter of fact, the looks are going to make a great first impression as the watch is elegant and has just the right amount of flash to it. However, the clock is far than meets the eye, and you should scroll down for the details.

Since it’s designed with the “Triple 10” development concept, the watch has a Gravitational Shock form and takes a 10-meter (33ft) free fall. It also presents 10-year life for the battery and 10-bar water resistance.

The list of functions is quite long, and the watch performs World Time (for 31 time zones and 48 cities) and comes with multi-function alarm. It also features hourly time signal and Flash alert. The EL backlight with Afterglow function makes the watch easy to read in challenging light conditions.

The watch is well made and has a build that resists vibration and mechanical shock. It’s easy to use and to set it up.

Lightweight and comfortable, the watch looks good on men, women, young, tends, old, and tweens at the same time. It’s versatile, robust, and easy to match with any outfit.

Its looks are its main strength, and the watch is one vintage piece to add to your timepiece collection.

Our list of good things looks as follows:

  • It has an iconic profile and a great design
  • It’s sturdy, versatile, and dependable
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s easy to set it and to use it

Far from being dominant, the downsides are only fair to mention:

  • Not everyone goes for the skeleton appearance
  • It may be too flashy for some

The good outweighs the bad for sure, and the watch is a dependable, vintage, and versatile addition to anyone’s collection.