G Shock Vs. Pro Trek

G Shock Vs. Pro Trek

You don’t have to be a watching frenzy to know about Casio. When it comes to watches, Casio is one of the most famous names out there.

Who is Casio?

Originated in Japan, Casio is a company that manufactures consumer electronics, and industrial electronics. It makes an impressive variety of products: digital cameras, calculators, electronic musical instruments, mobile phones, both digital and analog watches.

Casio has been on the market from the 50s, and it was the first to develop the entirely electric compact calculator. Its technologies made possible the creation of new digital cameras, and it’s also the world’s first digital watches manufacturer for mass production.

What’s to say about G-Shock and Pro Trek in a nutshell?

G Shock Vs Pro Trek review

It’s common for Casio to introduce two different lines to the market simultaneously, and G-shock and Pro Trek are falling into the category. It may sound like a good thing, but for the less-experienced customer, the selection got more complicated as watches in the two lines resemble a lot.

One thing that the two have in common is their popularity, as they are affordable digital watches. Even if the differences are plenty, you do need to spend some time when choosing between the two.

G-Shock watches have become the equivalent of toughness, and we have their creator (Mr.Ibe) to thank for his determination for creating the clock that doesn’t break. He developed the first G-Shock in the 80s and ever since then, G-Shock watches include seven fundamental elements. Gravity resistance, electric shock resistance, vibration resistance, low-temperature resistance, shock resistance, water resistance, and strength are common for the G-Shock watches. Appropriate technologies are typically used for making the incredibly rugged watches; floating timekeeping modules inside the structure or urethane protecting the elements inside are only some to mention. Their looks are never overlooked, and anyone is wearing a G-Shock is going to make an excellent impression. They’re designed for the military professionals and outdoor lovers, taking the excess wear and the extreme conditions. Before reading further, I am sure that this article “G Shock Vs. Luminox” will help you to form a broader opinion about military watches.

On the other hand, Casio’s Pro Trek line impresses with the functions, as it’s created for the outdoor enthusiasts. Wear OS powers many of the new models by Google, so they include useful functions for outdoor use. Moment Setter, GPS, and Location Memory are only a few to name. They also have water resistance and dual-layer structure, which renders them to be durable and ready to take a beat. Most models include Casio’s Triple Sensor technology, which any hiker is going to appreciate. The Pro Trek watches are sturdy, versatile, and look good, making an excellent option for outdoor challenges.

What are the most exciting features of G-Shock watches?

G Shock review

Truth be told, the variety of models, designs, and functions are overwhelming, and many may lose their patience during the selection process.

However, G-Shock watches come with specific features that aren’t that obvious, and one would want to know about.

  • LCD display

Most G-Shock watches comes with, and you may efficiently run a test to see how it works. Testing the LCD display helps you see if any of the display functions presents a problem or not. You can also take a peek at the many hidden display features of your G-Shock.

  • Solar power

Some G-Shock watches come with Tough Solar, using original batteries and small solar panels for remaining charged. If the G-Shock doesn’t work correctly, it’s possible that the solar panels may have been damaged. You can find out by running the built-in solar diagnostic mode.

  • Auto-Illuminator

It’s a feature that is very well hidden, and many customers aren’t aware of it. Many G-Shock with backlight illumination feature comes with Auto-Illumination mode so that the watch illuminates as you tilt it 15 degrees. The function drains the battery, but it’s also disabling automatically when the clock loses its power.

  • Tilt Sensor

The tilt sensor is crucial as it identifies the position of the watch face. When the Auto-EL isn’t functioning right, the tilt sensor may be the cause. G-Shock watches come with tilt-sensor diagnostic mode for identifying possible issues.

  • Power saving mode

G-Shock watches are also able to preserve power when not in use. Thanks to this function, the display turns off automatically when you’re not using it for 60-70 minutes. However, during the “sleep mode,” all the other features remain active. When you’re not using the watch for 6-7 days, the clock gets into the “deep sleep” mode, turning off automatically illumination, beeps and tones, auto-receive, and display.

What functions make the Pro Trek watches special?

Pro Trek review

As it’s outdoor-oriented, a Pro Trek watch can include particular functions that help one enjoy the outdoor experience a lot better. The solar power operation, a barometer, an altimeter, and thermometer are standard functions for Pro Trek watches.

The sturdy precision movement, the sophisticated design, and the innovative technology turn the Pro Trek watches into amazing choices for the outdoor experiences.

Even if the Triple Sensor, the barometer, the compass, the thermometer, the altimeter or the tough solar may be present in G-Shock watches as well, it’s slightly more common for the Pro Trek watches to include the previously mentioned functions.

Are G-Shock and Pro Trek watches serving the same purposes?

If Pro Trek seems to be more versatile, the G-Shock watches tend to be more durable. G-Shock watches are made to withstand the most challenging environments, and they can take the most extreme physical abuse. The “Triple 10” principle is fundamental for the G-Shock watches:

  • 10 meter (33ft.) free-fall endurance
  • 10-year life for the battery
  • 10-bar water resistance (330ft). However, most G-Shock watches come with 660ft water resistance nowadays.

The reliability and robust build makes the G-Shock watches a popular choice amongst the military and police professionals.

On the other hand, Pro Trek watches present more advanced functions, and the Triple Sensor is one of them. Along with the thermometer, altimeter, barometer, and digital compass, Pro Trek watches operate various features: moon data, tide graph, sunrise/sunset time. Many of the watches also present low-temperature resistance.

The functions and the construction render the Pro Trek watches to be dependable for the outdoor experiences, and many explorers and trekking fans go for them. Even if they may lose the durability or the toughness test when compared to the G-Shock watches, Pro Trek watches are rugged too. Most of them have a 330ft water resistance, which isn’t bad at all.

All things considered, G-Shock watches win the durability and toughness competition, but it’s the Pro Trek watches that win when it comes to the advanced functions. You’re only going to find the Triple Sensor on high-end G-Shock models, whereas, for Pro Trek watches, it’s a pretty standard feature.

Does the price make a difference?

G-Shock watch prices begin from $40 (and it’s not bad quality at all) and may get as high as a couple of hundreds. Pro Treks come with prices starting from $100 so one could say the G-Shock watches are more affordable than the Pro Trek models.

The major features of the Pro Trek watches are the main reason for the slightly higher price, and Casio couldn’t cut corners in any way. As for durability, that’s not as expensive as one may think, which explains the lower price for the G-Shock watches. You can get a basic G-Shock with essential functions for a couple of bucks (sort to speak), whereas the pricier models may come for the same price as essential Pro Trek watches.

Is the design sets them apart?

Pro Trek design view

The design is the easiest way to tell the two series apart. Pro Trek watches always have a “hi-tech” feel, whereas the G-Shock watches come with simpler and more rugged looks.

The design of the Pro Trek series doesn’t make any impressive shifting. Most watches have a round case, a round dial, and a bezel which is both for the aesthetic and functional reasons.

G Shock design review

On the other hand, the design of G-Shock watches is always very well thought out. They come with rectangular (the iconic shape for the first G-Shock), round, or almost hexagonal shape. Some have a digital display, some are analog, and some have both. As you can see, the variety is impressive.

It’s also typical for the G-Shock watches to feature several subdials and not just one big dial like Pro Trek watches. You’re not going to find many Pro Trek watches that come with analog display and subdials as well.

If a new and particular design is what you go for, the G-Shock is always going to provide a broader range as there are permanent collections that connect with various artists, environmental movements, or other aspects of our lives.

What’s the conclusion? Which one rings the bell for you?

Let’s make it clear: each of the two is a good pick any given day. If you’re outside a lot, climbing up and down the mountains, the Pro Trek watches are a better choice simply because they come with the features you need for outdoor survival.

When you’re in the military or experience intense physical experiences, you should take the plunge with the G-Shock watches instead. Synonyms to the toughness and durability, even the most basic G-Shock models, come with a sturdy build, taking a beat.

It’s about what you want in a watch. Either way, you can switch between the two, as you like. They both can take it!


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