G Shock Vs. Luminox

G Shock Vs. Luminox

Some jobs are more challenging than others, and we all need a good watch for the job. When it comes to rugged watches, two of the names that stand out are G-Shock and Luminox. They’re a constant option for anyone working in the military as they’re sturdy and durable, handling the severe conditions.

On a side note, Luminox is seen as the official watch of the Navy SEALS as they’re made to be impossible to break- just like the people wearing them.

Who is Luminox?

Luminox review

Unlike G-Shock (a Casio line), Luminox is rather new in the watch world. The first shop was open in the 90s, and the brand became famous for making durable watches soon enough. Luminox made the watches for the Navy SEALS right from the beginning, but it also makes watches for Coast Guard, the Air Force, law enforcement groups and other military professionals.

It was 2006 when Mondaine (a Swiss watch manufacturer) bought Luminox, which also brought their expansion in more than 30 countries. However, Luminox holds tight to its connection to the US military. Some of the watches resemble the US Air Force fighter aircraft.

What makes Luminox stand out?

The long life span, the reliability, and the visibility of the watches are the main reasons for Luminox’s worldwide recognition. Luminox watches are made with high-quality materials and Swiss accuracy. The ALWAYS VISIBLE feature is, however, fundamental.

Even if the name is a bit tail teller, the “always visible” technology is what’s select for Luminox. The hands of the watches contain tritium, which is a radioactive hydrogen isotope. It has natural luminescence and needs no other source of light for charging. Luminox watches are easy to read even in the darkest environments without needing to use another source of light (internal or external). The Luminox Light Technology is a self-powered illumination system that ensures visibility under any conditions, in complete darkness.

The watches give a constant glow 24/7 for almost 25 years. Some of their opponents (G-Shock included) use luminous paint on the markers, but you need an external light source for obtaining the “luminous effect.” The specific function made possible the development of dive watches that are great for the night time experiences (military or not). There’s no need to push any buttons to activate the light, which is an excellent addition for anyone in the military that has no time for pressing any more buttons.

Are the G-Shock watches just as unique as Luminox watches?

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G-Shock watches have been on the market since the 80s when a Casio engineered managed to create a watch that wouldn’t break, taking intense pressure.

The “Triple 10” principle is fundamental for G-Shock watches that can handle a 10-meter drop (33ft), coming with a 10-year lasting battery. At the same time, you may submerge the G-Shock watches up to 100m (339ft). However, most of G-Shock watches come with 660ft water resistance.

There are seven significant features for the G-Shock watches that ensure their toughness. Resistance to vibration, low-temperature, electrical shock, impact, gravity, shock, and water are crucial for the G-shock watches.

The individual technologies are used for making the G-Shock watches. The internal mechanism that float (so that the shock is distributed evenly) or the urethane protecting the interior elements are only a few of the many that lead to the fantastic toughness of these watches. The scratch-resistant external materials help the G-Shock watches take harshest conditions.

Even if the G-Shock watches aren’t designed for the Navy SEAL, they’re a regular option for the military professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Are Luminox watches as tough as the G-Shock watches?

Luminox side view

Anyone who has been in combat knows the importance of being able to read your watch in complete darkness. But this feature isn’t going to do it when in the line of duty with durability and toughness being just as important.

In the 90s, the Navy SEALS put their mind and efforts into creating a watch that was tough enough for the military elites. Only one watch was able to handle the ovens, the freezers, the pressure pots, the parachutes jumps, the deep sea dives, and the field operations. It was Luminox, indeed.

The collaboration between Luminox and the Navy SEALS began in 1993, and it has been 25 years since the release of the first official Luminox Navy SEAL watch.

G-Shock watches are synonyms to strength and power, becoming the perfect image of robust watches. They’re not created especially for the military elite, but this doesn’t make them any less competitive or reliable for the most stringent military jobs.

G-Shock also released a particular line for the members of the elite team. Even if Casio G-Shock hasn’t become the “official” watch for the Navy SEAL, it’s a constant choice amongst all the military professionals out there. The first collaboration between the two is no longer made, but the current G-Shock DW-6900 stands as a dependable choice anytime. The watches come with 660ft water resistance, and the functions are many. 12/24 hour formats, world time clocks, stopwatch, and alarms are on the list. The models run on Japanese quartz movement, which renders them to be highly accurate.

Is it possible for the G-Shock watches to be better than the Luminox watches?

G Shock side view

The Master of G series is designed for the military, so G-Shock maintains the link with the military world. Besides, the set includes three sections; one each for land, sea, and water-based armed forces. Each of the division comes with powerful functions that match the specifics of the environment they’re used for. The astonishing strength, the resistance to wear and tear the Triple Sensor, and the water resistance are only a few to mention.

Which one is cheaper?

Strength and durability aren’t that expensive, as it’s all in the technologies used for making the G-Shock watches. It’s the main reason for which you may find a basic, yet quite reliable and dependable G-Shock even for $30. Sure, you’re going to pay a lot more for a high-end model that includes the individual functions. Solar power (which means you no longer have to replace the battery), the Triple Sensor, GPS, and Multi-Band 6 function (the watch receives data automatically, no matter where you are in the world, which increases its accuracy) are some of the features that you can find in the pricier models from G-Shock models. Of course, the materials also count, as the sapphire crystal is going to be a better (and pricier) option than the mineral (dependable, still) dial. However, even the most expensive G-Shock watch isn’t going to empty your pockets. And you may pay for a pricier G-Shock watch just as much as you’d pay for a regular, nothing out of the top, Luminox watch.

Sure enough, the Luminox watches don’t qualify as high-end watches (it all depends on the size of your wallet, though), but you’re not going to be able to find Luminox watches for a couple of bucks as in the case of G-Shock watches.

Does the style make a difference?

Casio G-Shock isn’t only about the tough and rugged build, but also about the new style. To this day, many are still dreaming about the first G-Shock watch. Its rectangular shape has become iconic, and Casio has been re-issued it over and over again, adding newer and better functions.

Casio G-Shock watches come in round, rectangular, and even hexagonal shapes. They include analog, digital, and yet both analog and digital display. The looks may be subtle and straightforward, but you may also choose from sophisticated models with intricate and exciting details. Let’s not forget about the limited editions, which prove that Casio G-Shock has always been paying attention to various aspects of modern life, creating designs that link to social causes, environmental organizations, or music artists.

Having said that, it’s pretty evident that you can choose from an impressive variety of models, which may quickly become overwhelming.

It’s not the case with Luminox that come with analog display and round shape for the dials. They too come in various color combinations, but you’re not going the same amount of diversity as in the case of G-Shock.

What’s the conclusion? What’s the best choice?

There is no easy answer for either of the questions. Each of the two, both Luminox and G-Shock, have strengths and downsides.

G Shock front view

If you’re looking for a robust, reliable, accurate, and affordable watch that takes the excess wear for a very long time, you should take the leap of faith with a G-Shock watch. Even a basic model can handle outdoor challenges easily. It doesn’t mean that you should hold back and not pay the extra buck (not as much as you’d think, though), for a military-grade watch that comes with impressive features.

Luminox front view

When the price tag is the last thing you check, and visibility in the dark is fundamental for your job, the Luminox watch is your no.1 choice. Thanks to the Luminox technology, any of the models you pick is going to provide visibility for the dial 24/7, for 25 years, with no other source of light and without you having to press any buttons. The durability doesn’t disappoint either, and Luminox watches have become the official partner for the Navy SEALS for some years.

All in all, it depends on what you want and needs in a watch. And how much you’re willing to pay for that.


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