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G-Shock GW6900-1 Review

Finding the perfect watch is a common topic for outdoor enthusiasts. Diversity is great and all that, but it’s also making the selection process a lot more complicated.

Why do we all pay attention to G-Shock watches?

If you’re into outdoor activities, the name of G-Shock is nothing but familiar. The robust build and the fantastic features of G-Shock watch always make them a reliable option for the harsh environments and challenging activities.

It took more than 200 handmade samples to create the perfect (back then) watch that would take gravitational shock (the name makes sense now). It was a Casio engineer (Mr. Ibe) who designed the first G-shock some decades ago, and the G-Shock watches soon became the most prominent name on the free watch market.

Impact resistance, water resistance (up to 660ft for most models), electrical shock resistance, vibration resistance, and magnetic resistance are the essential features of the G-Shock watches. Some special technologies have been used for obtaining the features and Casio is always improving its techniques.

One may think that the looks of G-Shock watches have been overlooked due to the impressive strength. However, Casio didn’t let its fans down, and it’s continually creating new and unique profiles for the watches. And that’s how history has been made.

What’s to say about the Casio G-Shock GW-6900-1 briefly?

The DW-6900 has been and still is one of the worldwide-known case designs for Casio, so it makes sense that the GW-6900-1 resembles it a lot. But it’s not only the design of the case that reminds you of the previous DW-6900. The build and the accuracy sure don’t disappoint either.

The GW-6900-1 comes with Solar-powered battery and multi-band atomic timekeeping, becoming a highly accurate timepiece. You’re never going to have to replace the battery or adjust it when traveling around the world. As if these features weren’t enough, the watch comes for a highly attractive price, which is going to seal the deal for many.

Let’s go over the details!

In all fairness, the G-Shock GW6900-1 is a step-up improvement, but it’s only because of the solar charging and the atomic timekeeping function. Some may argue that the watch is thin of features, but you need to focus on the goods. For the buck you’re paying, the clock is impressing with its precision, and the two primary abilities make it a bargain for the price.

Thanks to the Solar power, the battery replacement is never an issue as you don’t need to replace it. Once fully charged, the battery can even take 6-9 months of use with no charge required.

The other ability that makes the GW-6900-1 stand out from similar models is the Atomic Timekeeping, which helps the watch synchronize automatically every night. The chip inside the watch is going to pick up from any of the six global automatic transmitting stations. Still, don’t get what it means? It’s what makes the watch highly accurate, anywhere you’d be on this planet.

The build and details make the watch a tough choice that many can use for outdoor challenges. It’s a shock-resistant watch, and its water resistance goes up to 660ft. Even if the buttons are easy to press, the risk for accidental pressing is minimal thanks to the build of the watch. The buttons on the side don’t protrude which is why the watch feels comfortable on the wrist. It’s lightweight, even if the robust construction suggests otherwise.

The stainless steel case has a rugged build, and it’s very well made, helping the watch take a beat. The strap is made with resin, which feels soft against the skin and doesn’t shift up/down, even if your wrist is all sweaty and wet. It’s a simple band which makes the watch rather subtle in profile. As for the dial, it’s made with mineral crystal which helps with the visibility and handles some scratches as well.

As for the functions, you shouldn’t concentrate on how short/long it is, but rather on the accuracy of each of the features. The watch provides 48-city World Time and lets you set a daily alarm with snooze. It presents 12 and 24-hour formats, and you can go forward/backward for Time Zone function as we’ve already mentioned several times, no worries on the precision. It’s 15 seconds per month, give or take.

The face is neutral and looks good with the black resin band. The display is easy to read from many angles. You’re going to help few hints on the dial, which ease out the setting efforts and the standard operation. For instance, you can use the Dual Time display with just a press of a button.

As for the poor light conditions, you should use the AutoLight function or set it manually, according to your needs. The light is good and has a blue hue to it.

The watch has a rather subtle profile, and it’s black with red accents. The digits and the lettering are significant enough for the dial, and everything about the use is rather intuitive.

What is it that we like the most about it? What are the downsides?

As there are so many good things about the watch, resuming to a short list is never easy. Listing the most valuable aspects:

G-Shock GW6900-1 side view

  • It comes with Solar Power and Atomic Timekeeping Synchronization
  • It has shock and water resistance up to 660ft.
  • It’s lightweight, feels comfortable on the wrist, and has the right size
  • It’s dependable, precise, and user-friendly
  • It’s easy to read from many angles and very well made

Far from being deal breakers, the inherent flaws don’t make us change our mind about the watch:

  • Its list of functions isn’t the longest out there
  • The band is a bit narrow and short

Should you get it or not?

The simple answer is “yes.” Not only that the watch is accurate, but it’s also sturdy and comfortable at the same time. The Solar Power eliminates the battery-problem, whereas the ease of use and durable build only sustain our image of a watch which is an excellent value for the money.


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