G Shock GBA 400 Review

G-Shock GBA-400 Review

One of the best things about technology is that it helps developing new and better models for pretty much everything in our lives. The watch isn’t just a device telling us time, but also a tool for finding out our precise position on the Globe or for listening to some music. Incredible, right?

Why do we like G-Shock watches?

If you know a thing or two about timepieces, the name of G-Shock does ring a bell for you. Ever since the developing of the very first model back in the 80s’, the G-Shock watch impressed with the build and its abilities.

The G-Shock watch was the first one to present shock and water resistance, becoming a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and military professionals around the world.

To this day, G-shock watches stand out with the resistance to electric shock, vibration, gravity, vibration, impact, and low temperatures. The urethane protecting the elements inside and the floating timekeeping modules are only some of the many techniques used for obtaining the resistance of G-shock watches.

Let’s not forget to mention that, no matter the functions or the rugged build, G-Shock also impress with their appearance which is never compromised.

What’s to say about Casio G-Shock GBA-400 briefly?

The G-Shock GBA-400 is a digital watch featuring analog dial, but it’s instead a smartwatch that takes the challenging conditions. Unlike many smartwatches out there that have a square design and a large screen, this one is rather impressive with its fresh appearance. It’s a tough timepiece that takes a splash, dust, and shock, without disappointing on the smart functions.

The watch has a mobile link function which ensures communication with Bluetooth accessories which help with the sync of the time settings. It addresses the people that don’t go for the traditional appearance of smartwatches but still go for the idea of controlling several functions of the phone.

Besides, the Bluetooth G-Shock is going to connect to your phone, allowing you to play various music tracks and turn up/down the volume from a distance.

What’s to say about its design?

The GBA-400 is a digital watch that comes with an analog dial. It still has the robust construction that G-Shock watches have, coming with water resistance up to 660ft. It includes two LCD screens and analog movement.

It’s common for the smartwatches to come with a touchscreen display, but G-Shock GBA-400 is one exception as it looks just like any other G-Shock watch. It has a robust plastic profile (a bit on the bulky side, according to some), which only makes it capable of taking the excess use. Its water resistance sure tells it apart from its opponents. Not only that takes a splash, but you can also take a bath with it.

The face of the watch includes analog movement and silver hands and two LCD screens. The date is on the upper area of the screen, and once you connect the clock to the phone, you’re going to be able to see the current track name scrolling across the display.

A big silver disc rotating between the LCDs is going to inform you when the Bluetooth is on/off. Some think that the function isn’t that helpful.

On the lower LCD, you’re going to observe the time in digital format.

You may change tracks on the phone’s music player or turn the volume up/down from the right-hand side of the watch. It depends on the connection mode that you’re using, but generally speaking, it’s going to be trickier to do it when you’re wearing the watch on your right hand.

The five buttons around the edges sure have their importance. One is for the Bluetooth connection, and the other four are for the general watch functions. You may operate one of the buttons for activating the Super Illuminator LED light (for more comfortable reading at night).

What about the features and the software?

Even if the watch comes with the typical G-Shock features (stopwatch, timer, and alarm), the ability to control your phone’s music player is going to seal the deal for many. You can use the watch with Android and iOS, through a specific app.

G Shock GBA 400 side view

You can control your music player, but you may very well install the Casio’s app- G’Mix. It’s a dedicated media player that has a particular interface and equalizer settings. Don’t you know what song is playing nearby? Use the SoundHound function for recognizing the songs.

Coming back to the watch functions, let’s notice that the GBA-400 has World Time function with 35 time zones (100 cities and coordinated universal time), city name display, countdown timer (increments for 1 second, 1 minute, and 1-hour), 1/100-second stopwatch, and Full Auto-Calendar (up to the year 2099).

Reading the watch is easy thanks to the 12/24- hour format. You should use the daylight saving on/off function and the five daily alarms/one-time alarm with one snooze alarm. The watch presents an hourly time signal and low battery warning. The button operation tone on/off is useful, and the clock provides regular timekeeping. It has two hands for the analog display (hour and minute), and several for digital: hour, minute, second, PM, month, date, day.

Its precision is typical for G-Shock watches (15 seconds per month, give or take), and the movement is Japanese Quartz.

Is the battery life good?

You may confidently use the batter for two years, but you should be aware that using the Bluetooth function every day is going to reduce that period by a lot.

G Shock GBA 400 review

What are the pros&cons?

We go for many things on the watch:

  • It’s a smartwatch with a regular profile
  • It has a rugged build and a durable construction
  • It’s easy to use and accurate
  • It’s comfortable to wear

Even if they’re not significant, the downsides are essential to mention as well:

  • You may only access the tracks stored on your phone’s memory. The watch cannot access collection stored in the cloud.
  • It doesn’t provide any notification alerts for various on your phone (it’s a standard function for smartwatches nowadays).
  • The LCD light should be brighter for more effortless reading at night

What’s the conclusion?

The Bluetooth connection functions well, which is something that not all smartwatches manage to provide.

Even if on the smart functions the watch could use some improvement, when it comes to rugged build, the accuracy of time telling features, and overall value for the money, the clock is money well spent any given day as it’s a G-Shock, nevertheless.


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