G-Shock Bluetooth Review

G-Shock Bluetooth Review

Getting to the new era of technology, G-Shock brings to the market a brand new model of watches that include a Bluetooth connectivity. This type of G-Shock helps you not only sync with your smartphone, but also tells (through its display) all sorts of information as SMS call and even email alerts. You also get to see the watch sync with the time on your smartphone, whereas your smartphones gets able to control the settings on your watch. You may very well control music playback on your smartphone.

The models that come with a Bluetooth function are the GB-6900BGBX-6900B, and GBA-400 G’MIX. It may be the technology that is so new or the simple fact that it needs to be better, but this type of watches do have their fans. They may not be that many at the moment, and giving a better look at one of them helps you a better understanding of these watches.

The G-Shock GBA 400

The G-Shock GBA400 is a Bluetooth watch that gets you connected to your phone, letting you change the music tracks and set up the right volume. At glance, the watch has the classical ruggedness of G-Shock series and comes with both shock resistance and waterproofness, up to 200M deep.

G-Shock GBA 400 reviews

As for the build, the watch is made with lots of plastic and has an analogue movement, featuring two LCD screens.

Despite many modern watches, the GBA 400 doesn’t come with a touchscreen display, but looks a lot like a regular G-Shock. It has a chunky plastic design, which makes it able to take the intense use, whereas its water resistance increases its versatility. You may take it farther than your bathtub- right out in the ocean to be more precise.

The analogue movement with large silver hands looks nice and so do the two LCD screens. You may see the date on the upper part. The second you connect it to your phone to listen to some music, you get to see the track name scrolling across the display.

A large silver disc rotates to show you when the Bluetooth is on/off, which is rather cool. You may also see the time in a digital format on the lower LCD display- this is a lot easier to read for many customers.

You may also change tracks on your phone’s music player or set the volume level through a large wheel on the right-hand side of the watch. When you wear the GBA 400 on your right hand, it’s not that easy to operate this function, though.

The watch features 5 buttons all the way around. One of them is to trigger the Bluetooth connection, whereas the other ones are related to the common watch functions. You may also activate the “Super Illuminator” LED light with one of these buttons, so it’s easier for you to read the watch at night. Between you and us, though, the LED light isn’t very bright to begin with.

Don’t think the GBA 400 doesn’t include the typical watch functions just because it comes with Bluetooth function. You may easily use the stopwatch, time and the alarm. Sure, the most important feature is the ability to control your smartphone’s music player. You may connect the watch to your iOS and Android as well. Don’t worry, you may use the app for it (G-Shock+).

If this app doesn’t do it for you, you can easily give it a go with the Casio-made app (G’Mix). The app is in fact a media player that comes with its own equalizer settings and interface. A great trick on this app is that you may also listen to music played nearby and use a baked-in version of SoundHound to identify them.

One big downside on the GBA-400 is the fact you can only access tracks from your phone’s memory, as the G’Mix can’t access any tracks stored in the cloud. You may also notice a slight difference when using the physical controls on the watch.

A big downside for the GBA-400 is the fact it doesn’t give any type of notification alerts for anything happening on your phone. Even though Bluetooth connection works just fine, when your watch powers down, you do need to manually pair it again.

As for the battery, Casio claims it supposed to work for two years. We’d say this depends a lot, on how much you’re really using the Bluetooth. If you’re constantly using it, it goes without saying to expect a shorter lifespan on the battery.

Final word?

We like the G-Shock GBA-400 as it’s tough, waterproof and the music controls work very well. The battery life is amazing and the looks so nice and classic.

G-Shock GBA 400 Colors

The functionality isn’t the best out there and the LED light is rather weak, which is why you may easily try the other Bluetooth models from Casio, the GB-6900 or the GB-6900B. You may decide for yourself which one works the best for you.