Blue G Shock Watches

Blue G Shock Watches Review

There are many things we cannot do without in life, and watches are some of them. Sure we have our phones now helping us not to get late at work, but there are so many things that watches can provide for us.

Even if telling time remains their primary purpose, watches may perform essential functions, taking extreme use in harsh environments. From showing us our position on the globe to taking a free-fall from 33ft., watches are reliable surviving tools, as long as you choose the right. let’s not forget that only some of them are going to impress with extreme ruggedness and unique functions.

What’s the G-Shock story all about?

Not watches are created equal, and it couldn’t never more true than in the case of watches. Even if most of them are accurate and dependable, not all of them can take the exciting challenges of the outdoors.

Some timepieces come with water and shock resistance, but it took the people in the industry some time to get there. One of Casio’s engineers needed more than a couple of handmade samples to create a rugged watch. It all happened in the 80s, but he finally created the first watch that would respect a “Triple 10” principle: a 10m (33ft) free fall, ten-year life for the battery, and 10-bar water resistance.

To this day, G-Shock watches come with resistant to shock, gravity, vibration, electrical shock, low-temperature, and water resistance (up to 660ft for most models). Urethane that protects the elements inside or timekeeping modules that float inside is some of the Casio technologies used for G-Shock watches.

Even if they’re designed for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts, Casio G-Shock watches look for casual wear too. Round, rectangular, digital, analog or both analog and digital, G-Shock watches impress with the rugged build and affordable prices.

Newer models include advanced features such as Solar Power, digital compass, GPS, Triple Sensor, and Atomic Timekeeping, which renders them to be incredibly accurate and amazing options for military and outdoor use on land, at the air or above the sea.

Can you find amazing blue G-Shock models?

  1. G-Shock Blue Rubber DW9052-2

One may think that style had to be sacrificed to obtain that kind of toughness, but this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. By contrary, G-Shock watches look good and finding one that suits your likings isn’t mission impossible.

One of the cheapest blue G-Shock models out there is the Casio Men’s DW9052-2 G-Shock Blue Rubber Digital Dial Watch. G-Shock is well known for its ability to create models that are tough and affordable at the same time.

For $40 or so you can buy this model that is rugged, functional and looks great for everyday wear as well. It’s a versatile watch that comes with a round dial and digital display. It’s shock resistant, and it includes several functions. Chronograph and alarm are accurate and easy to use. Once you’ve read the instruction, it’s going to be a breeze to make all the settings.

The EL light is bright and increases the visibility of the dial in challenging light. The mineral dial window helps with the reading and presents a low risk for scratching as well.

The watch comes with a blue rubber band that looks nice, feels comfortable, and takes excessive wear. It features a buckle closure for more natural adjustments.

The Japanese Quartz movement gives precision, and the watch is water resistant up to 660ft. You may confidently wear it for professional-grade marine activity and water sports, but you shouldn’t wear it for your scuba diving sessions.

The watch is lightweight, comfortable, and looks nice with its subtle yellow accents.

Here’s what we like a lot about it:

  • It’s shock and water resistant (up to 660ft)
  • It’s reliable and versatile
  • It’s comfortable and lightweight
  • It has an attractive look, and it’s easy to use

Far from being deal breakers, here are the downsides:

  • The silver pins look a bit off
  • It’s a basic model, so it doesn’t come with advanced functions

Versatile, nice looking, and dependable for everyday wear, the watch is an excellent choice within the blue G-Shock category.

  2. G-Shock GA-100L

Placed within the affordable category still, the G-Shock Mens GA-100L brings plenty of good things to the table. It’s robust, precise, and looks appealing for any casual look.

Not only that is shock resistant and water resistant (up to 660ft), but it’s also magnetic resistant, which only makes it a more dependable choice than the previous model.

The list of functions is also longer, and it includes World Time (29 zones, 48 cities, and UTC), second stopwatch (1/1000second), and countdown timer. You may set 5 daily alarms (with one snooze alarm) and keep an eye on your schedule thanks to the hourly time signal. The watch includes full auto-calendar (until the year 2099) and has a 12/24-hour format. It provides regular timekeeping and comes with a 2-year life battery.

The band looks very interesting with blue on the outside and bright orange on the inside. It’s made of resin, which makes it comfortable and gentle against the skin. The buckle closure helps you find the perfect fit. The watch has the perfect size for the dial and feels rather lightweight.

The watch has both digital and analog display and has a reverse LCD. You can use the auto LED light with Afterglow for low lit situations.

The orange details and the orange hue of the LED make the watch not only dependable but also appealing.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • It’s shock, magnetic and water resistant (up to 660ft)
  • It includes several functions that run accurately
  • It’s dependable and has the right size
  • It’s sturdy and looks nice

The negatives are nothing to stress about:

  • The visibility in low light conditions could use some improvement
  • Not everyone thinks that setting it is easy

Fun looking, robust, reliable, and rugged, the watch is quite a bang for your buck.

  3. G-Shock Quartz G-7900-2CR

Our third suggestion is the Casio Men’s XL Rescue Series G-Shock Quartz G-7900-2CR. The model impresses with its large size and color combo, as the blue goes great with the subtle bright yellow accents.

The watch is a safe choice for recreational scuba diving, presenting a 660ft water resistance and an overall sturdy build. It has a shock construction and performs multiple functions. Unlike the previous models, it also comes with low-temperature resistance (down to -68F degrees).

It includes World Time (48 cities and 29 time zones), stopwatches (1/100 second, 1,000 hours meter, the split), stopwatch, and countdown. You may set 5 alarms and plan your day as you go with the time signal. Any fisherman is going to appreciate the Moon data and the Tide graph, which are accurate.

The watch includes full automatic calendar and 12/24 time display. It has EL backlight with afterglow functions. It also has afterglow time reshuffling (3 seconds/5 seconds).

The list of functions continues with the fully automatic calendar.

The silver digital dial has digital numbers and yellow accents. The buttons are large and somewhat comfortable to push. The band feels soft against the skin, and the notches on the back help it stay in place, even when your wrist gets wet, or you’re moving a lot.

Sturdy and sporty looking, the watch is one reliable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Listing the most important aspects:

  • It’s resistant to water, shock, and low-temperature
  • It performs Moon data and Tide functions
  • It includes many other features
  • The yellow accents give it a fresh vibe, and the watch is both a looker and a tough choice

The inherent flaws don’t compromise its overall value:

  • The dial may feel busy to some
  • Not everyone finds the numbers easy to read

Bear in mind that the watch comes with essential functions, sturdy build, and sporty looks for a bargain price. What’s not to like about that?

  4. G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000-2AJF

It’s pretty evident by now that the more you’re willing to pay, the more advanced are going to be the functions on your blue G-Shock. The Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000-2AJF may empty a thin wallet, but it’s money well spent for any outdoor enthusiast or military personnel.

The model makes a great first impression with the Navy blue and gold color details, but it’s the advanced functions that make it worth every single penny.

The watch comes with Triple Sensor 3 which means it’s going to provide info on barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature. It also offers accurate info through the Moon Age abilities and Tide Graph function.

It’s an accurate timepiece that has Tough movement that ensures auto home position correction and low risk for damage due to the hybrid mounting. The Tough Solar provides continuous operation even when using the high-power consuming functions. The watch is Multi-Band 6, receiving time calibration signals from the six transmitters all over the world.

Thanks to the electronic crown switch and several motors, you may operate multiple functions at the same time with a smooth transitioning between the features.

The list of functions includes World Time (29 cities+ UTC), Home City/World time city swapping, and daylight saving on/off. You can also use a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24-hour format.

The five daily alarms and hourly time signal are also easy to use. The Power Saving function helps the watch save power when you leave it in the dark, whereas the battery level indicator keeps you posted about the battery level.

The watch comes with full auto-calendar to the year 2099 and ensures regular timekeeping. It has both analog and digital display, and it’s rather easy to use. It has impressive build and beautiful looks it’s made with durable and high-quality materials.

The list of the most valuable features would be:

  • It comes with Triple Sensor and digital compass
  • It has solar power, and it comes with Multi-Band 6 ability
  • It’s impressive with the functions and accuracy
  • It has a sturdy construction and looks amazing

We’re not changing our mind over some minor issues, but you should also check the downsides:

  • Some expected the watch to be bigger
  • The lock on the strap is a bit weird for some

Regardless of the minor issues, the clock is an excellent addition to one’s timepieces collections and a wise investment of your money.

  5. G-Shock GPR-B1000TLC-1JR

For those of you who never stress about how much they pay for a watch, the CASIO G-Shock GPR-B1000TLC-1JR RANGEMAN TEAM LAND CRUISER TOYOTA AUTO BODY Collaboration Watch (Japan Domestic Genuine Products) is a definite buy.

The watch is part of the “Master of G” series, and it’s based on the “GPR-B1000” model. It comes with GPS navigation function and solar power. The body is shock resistant, but also presents resistance to dust, dirt, low-temperature, and water (up to 660ft).  It comes with a blue band, but it features several white and red accents. Its design is one-of-a-kind.

Many are going to enjoy the Smartphone link as you can connect the watch to a compatible smartphone via wireless communication with Bluetooth.

The watch receives GPS radio reception function, and you may select the automatic reception or the manual reception.

World time (39 cities in the world, daylight saving time, UTC), display of sunrise/sunset time, stopwatch, timer, date&day display, and four-time alarms are some of the functions you can use with the watch. The power saving function is helpful, so the display disappears when you’re not using the clock for some time. Also, the battery indicator display gives you info about the level of the battery.

The watch offers 12/24 hours system display and has operation sound on/off switching function. The LED backlight (with after light function, super illuminator, auto light, and after light time switching) makes the watch easy to read no matter the light conditions.

The point memory function, the wireless charger charging system, or the inner non-reflective coated sapphire glass of the dial add to the description of this impressive watch.

It’s one of the toughest sports watch out there, and you should never miss adding to your timepiece collection.

The most important qualities would be:

  • The watch has an impressive build a fantastic look
  • It comes with G-Shock connection
  • It’s accurate and performs numerous functions
  • It’s well made and long lasting

Bells and whistles aside, here are the negative aspects:

  • One may find it huge
  • It’s anything but affordable

Ready to take a beat and to impress wherever you’d take it, the watch is one looker that takes a beat and stands out with its build and performance.