Best Pocket Watch

Best Pocket Watch

Pay attention to your jeans for a bit. Do you see the tiny pocket right above the regular pocket in your jeans? Do you know what’s its purpose?

We need to go back to the 19th century when railroads expanded and keeping time had become fundamental for the railroad guards. It was the famous Levi Strauss that created the jeans with a built-in small pocket for storing the pocket watch. Even if it lost its utility over the years, the tiny pocket is still a common design feature in many jeans today.

What is the pocket watch?

Now that we know what that tiny pocket in your jeans for is, we should take a closer look at the pocket watch. As the name sums it all up, the pocket watch is a timepiece that you keep it in your pocket instead of on your wrist.

Most of the time, the pocket watch has a chain so that you may hang it to a specific piece of clothing since you don’t want to lose or drop it on the floor.

Back in the day (way back), the pocket watch was trendy, and it’s the wristwatches that took away its popularity. However, many people still fancy a pocket watch as they look classic, any given day.

Should you go ahead and buy one?

Hold your horses as you don’t want to buy a pocket watch just for stylish reasons. You should give it a thought and ask yourself why you want it in the first place.

If you’re only buying it for the looks, the shopping process should go easy as there are plenty of options to choose from.

By the contrary, when you want to buy a pocket watch that is going to last for generations, there are a couple of things to take into consideration.

What kind of mechanism do you want?

It’s a question to ask no matter which type of watch you’re buying, but it’s mandatory when getting a pocket watch.

If you’re thinking of using the watch every single day, a quartz watch should be your no.1 choice. The battery can last for even two years, and there are many models to select from.

Also known as the “wind-up watches,” the mechanical watches have a classic feel, and you need the technical skills for operating it.

Fashionable or vintage- which one is better?

Any timepieces aficionado is going to swear by it: a pocket watch is considered to be vintage if it’s older than 75 years. Some may even take the rule a bit further and say that it must no longer be in production for becoming vintage.

Vintage doesn’t mean broken, and the watch has to present the genuine parts in tip-top shape. It’s supposed to be a wise investment for many years to come.

For instance, a Rolex pocket watch is vintage only if it still rocks the original crystal glass cover for the face. It was the 80s when the Sapphire crystal hit the market, so it makes sense that a vintage Rolex pocket watch doesn’t come with one.

What is the condition?

If you’re going with a vintage piece, you should make sure that the dial has no scratches or blemishes. A broken hinge, small mark, or screws missing aren’t difficult to fix, but you may never be able to repair the visible dents or missing elements. You want the gears to be metal and not plastic, whereas the fundamental aspects (the bezel, for instance) to be in great shape.

One last tip before you go buying!

You should do diligence about the pocket watches as there are many types to choose from and numerous manufacturers too.

The more you know about it, the easier it’s going to be for you to make an excellent investment of your money and not rush into it!

TOP 10 Best Pocket Watches

   1. Lymfhch Classic Smooth-Spider Web Hollow Vintage

If you want a pocket watch, but only have some bucks to spend, the LYMFHCH Classic Smooth and Spider Web Hollow Vintage is a great option.



The watch looks elegant and strikes you with the beautiful black/white contrast. The black hands have an intricate design and look very lovely on the white dial. The black cover of the watch is shiny, without losing the elegant feel.

The chain is 14.5in and comes with a subtle clasp for more straightforward attaching to your pocket. It’s a black chain that feels sturdy and has a beautiful appearance too.

Operating the watch is easy; you only need to press the crown at the top, allowing the front plate to open. The pocket watch has the right size and women can wear it too. The clock runs on a battery that lasts for a reasonable amount of time.

The Arabic Numerals are large enough for easy reading, and the watch comes with a gift box, increasing its value.

Here’s what we like a lot about it:

  • It’s elegant and comfortable to use
  • Reading the dial isn’t complicated
  • The chain is long and seems durable
  • The watch is a good value for the money

The cons aren’t major:

  • The accuracy can be better
  • Don’t expect it to last forever

All in all,  the watch is an excellent option, and quite the bang for your buck.

   2. Treeweto Antique Dragon Mechanical Skeleton

When you want to complete your cosplay outfit with a clock, the Treeweto Antique Dragon Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch is your best choice.



It’s a classic pocket watch that features double cases. Its looks are incredible with Dream Dragon pattern on the half hunter, and a dial with Skeleton Blue Roman numerals.The bronze color is going to send you back to the 18th century, for sure.

The watch comes with Blue fluorescent pointers, easing out the reading in dim lit conditions. The chain has a durability feel and looks quite nice.

It’s a mechanical movement for the watch, rending you to wind it up before every usage. You don’t need a battery for the watch. Pay attention to keep it away from magnets so that it doesn’t stop the watch.

The case is made of durable stainless steel, and the chain is made of alloy. The front face is made of acrylic for more durability.

You get it in a nice gift box, so you can also offer it as a present for someone you love.

Let’s have another look at the good things:

  • It comes with mechanical movement
  • It looks adorable, and the alloy chain isn’t flimsy
  • It has a good weight and size
  • It comes in a gift box

The negatives aren’t something to be concerned about:

  • The blue dial may need improvement
  • It’s not all functional, but check its price once again

Beggars cannot be choosers and, for the buck you’re paying, you should be happy with the lovely, dependable, and classy pocket watch that you get.

   3. Gotham Silver -Tone Ultra Thin Railroad Open Face

The traditional open face of the Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Ultra Thin Railroad Open Face Quartz Pocket Watch is the selling point for the watch. It’s a silver pocket watch that features a thin polished brass case. You may very well engrave the clock, for more customization.



The dial has a rock white railroad style, with black 12 and red 24-hour markers for straightforward reading. The Japanese analog quartz movement gives precision to the watch, with the battery running for quite some time.

Attaching the watch to your pocket should come easy thanks to the 15in silver-tone curb link chain and the belt clip holder attachment.

The watch is well made, which explains the rugged feel. It has a compact profile, and it’s durable, despite its lightweight body and quiet operation.

It comes in a pretty velour burgundy gift pouch and a gift box so that you don’t need to wrap it as a present.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • It has an open face and white railroad style dial
  • It’s thin and lightweight
  • It’s well made and durable
  • It’s quiet and comes wrapped as a gift

The negatives are anything but dominant:

  • Some think it’s a bit smaller than you’d expect
  • Opening the watch for changing the battery may be tricky

Regardless of the minor problems, the pocket is the perfect combination of quality, value, beautiful design, and accurate operation. What’s not to like?

   4. Stuhrling Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

The best part about the Stuhrling Original Men’s Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch is that it can easily pass a higher price pocket watch. It’s the build, the design, the craftsmanship, and the total value that make the clock an incredible choice to consider.

Stuhrling Original Mens Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch



It’s a stainless steel pocket watch that features skeleton dual-sided dial and Roman numeral hour markers. Its 12″ chain with belt clip allows comfortable wearing but looks elegant too.

The watch has a mechanical hand-wind movement, so you never worry about changing the battery. You only need to remember to wind it any now and then. The analog display is easy to read, even if some are going to need some time until figuring it out.

The design is fantastic, and the watch has a dual-sided Krystema crystal dial window that is both protective and beautiful looking.

The versatility of the watch adds on the list of good things as you may use it as a desk clock since it comes with built0in hinge. The stand compliments the watch and looks elegant.

We should list the essential parts:

  • It has an incredible look, builds, and price
  • It presents a dual case and manual winding for the crown
  • It’s fantastic value for the money
  • It comes with a stand so you may use it as desk watch too

The negatives aren’t something to stress about:

  • The logo looks like a sticker
  • Some may feel the dial a bit busy

The fantastic finish and details, but also the build may seal the deal for the watch.

   5. Bulova Men’s – Quartz Pocket Watch

It may be a challenge to unpack the Bulova Men’s Stainless Steel Analog-Quartz Pocket Watch, but the clock is worth all of your efforts.



Joke aside, the watch has a hunter-style and rocks a stainless steel case for more durability. It features a lengthy and rugged stainless steel chain with lobster claw clasp for more straightforward attaching.

The analog-quartz movement gives the watch precision, whereas the water-resistant build (up to 100ft) expands its lifespan. It means that the watch handles some splashes and even immersion in water for a brief moment, but you shouldn’t wear it when bathing or swimming. The hardened mineral crystal is scratch-resistant, so the watch takes up a beat.

The 3-hand dial is easy to read, and the watch runs relatively quiet. It also has a calendar function, for more versatility.

When it comes to style, apart from the stainless steel and chain, you’re also going to find the tuning fork logo on the case subtle and elegant.

Let’s have a second look at the functional aspects:

  • It has a hunter-style with a stainless steel case and push-pull crown
  • It’s sturdy and water-resistant
  • It includes a calendar feature
  • The chain is long, and the watch is stylish and durable

We’re not making a drama over some minor problems:

  • The packaging may be over the top
  • It’s not very light

Hands down to Bulova for creating an elegant, robust, and dependable pocket without emptying your pockets. Why not buy it?

   6. Gotham Men’s Gun-Stainless Steel Mechanical Hand

When you want a railroad-style pocket timepiece, the Gotham Men’s Gun-Plated Stainless Steel Mechanical Hand may be your best shot.



You’re going to spot the gun-plated stainless steel case from a mile, and a watch is a popular option for the timepieces aficionados.

The black railroad-style design of the dial comes with military time and luminous white hands, for easier reading. The big white Arabic numbers make a high contrast with the black dial, whereas the red accents for the seconds (at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, up to 60) look amazing. There’s a minute track for the dial too, with the 17 jewel small seconds hand mechanical hand-wind movement ensuring accuracy.

The mineral glass crystal is only slightly domed, but it’s scratch resistant. The watch is both shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 100ft. You can wear it for a long time, without worrying too much about its rugged build.

The watch comes with 14in curb chain and spring ring end piece for more straightforward attaching. You get it with operating instructions, lifetime warranty, and a beautiful gift box.

Let’s list the most important good things about the watch:

  • It’s gun-plated stainless steel case
  • The mineral crystal dial is scratch-resistant
  • The clock is resistant to shock and water
  • It’s accurate, sturdy, and durable

We’re finding the inherent issues rather minor:

  • A woman may find it a bit big
  • One may think that the dial is a bit busy

All things considered, if you’re ever looking for the railroad pocket watch that your grandpa used to wear, take a look at this one. You may seal the deal faster than expected!

   7. Charles-Hubert-Paris 3869-S Classic Collection

The style of Charles-Hubert, Paris 3869-S Classic Collection  Mechanical Pocket Watch helps you travel back in time or even take you on a fantasy land. The watch is what you call gorgeous, and it’s going to make a fantastic impression no matter where you wear it.



The Antique finish open face combines with the skeleton dial amazingly, and the craftsmanship increases the value of the watch. The watch has 17-jewel mechanical hand wind movement so that it’s always accurate and you never change the battery. It rocks mineral crystal front and a chapter ring on the back. The roman numerals are black for the hour markers, whereas the seconds sub-dial and the hands are blue, making it a beautiful color accent for the watch.

The silver-tone case has see-into back, giving the watch that fairytale vibe we mentioned in the beginning.

The plain metal chain completes the description, and the watch comes in a Deluxe Gift Box.

For those of you who need a list of pros for more convincing, here it is:

  • It’s a gorgeously looking watch
  • It comes with 17 Jewels mechanical movement
  • The craftsmanship is amazing
  • The clock is accurate and has a durability feel to it

The picky customer may want to check the minor problems:

  • Not everyone is going to find it easy to read
  • It may run a bit loud

Even if the watch isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s genuinely a beautiful timepiece that doesn’t disappoint with its looks, performance, not price.

   8. Tissot Unisex Savonnette – T83655313

Some people know how to do things right, and we need to give it a high tap on the back to Swiss for creating the most amazing watches. The Tissot Unisex Savonnette – T83655313 makes no exception, and it’s here to impress with both the craftsmanship and the performance. Its sophisticated appearance sure adds up to the equation, rending the watch to be a fantastic option for an excellent price.


The pocket watch has a round 316L stainless steel case and a removable curb chain for more straightforward attaching. The spring ring closure is easy to use and takes the use for a long time.

The analog display has three hands, so reading the watch is straightforward. The ETA F06.111 Swiss quartz movement makes the watch precise. You’re going to find the date display window handy too.

On the dial, we notice the Roman numeral indexes and minute track at perimeter. The sapphire crystal window is scratch-resistant, and the whole watch is water-resistant up to 330ft (10ATM).

It’s an elegant watch that you can engrave for more customization. It may come with a security tag and presentation box.

Let’s focus on the good things once more:

  • The style is elegant and sophisticated
  • It includes Swiss quartz movement for higher precision
  • It’s water-resistant and has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window
  • The craftsmanship is astonishing

Far from being deal breakers, here are the slightly negative aspects of the watch:

  • Not everyone is going to find setting the time/date straightforward
  • The chain may be too long for some

If you’re determined to get a pocket watch that doesn’t just look nice, but also is functional and long-lasting, take the plunge with this one. It’s worth every single penny!

   9. Regent Hills Brass Case Mechanical-Pocket Watch

Magical and functional, the Regent Hills Brass Case Mechanical Open Face Pocket Watch is one watch that draws your attention.


Apart from its stunningly beautiful look, the watch brings to the table a good list of functions and reliable performance too. The brass case takes a beat, whereas the 17 Jewels Skeleton Mechanical movement ensures its accuracy.

The watch has dual time display, with 24-hour display and 60-second display keeping you right on schedule. The dial has intricate and beautiful details that don’t make the reading difficult in any way. The blue hands, the golden accents, and the rounded lines do make the watch one-of-a-kind.

You can engrave the brass case, turning the watch into one special gift. The watch has a sturdy build and is made to last for a long time. It comes with a certificate from the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metals Control.

The Deluxe gift box with a warranty card and cleaning cloth stand behind its great value.

We’ve shortened the good things to the following:

  • It’s an astonishingly looking watch
  • It has dual time display
  • It’s solid and rugged
  • It comes with a deluxe gift box

The parts we like less are only a few:

  • It’s not the cheapest pocket watch
  • Some think it runs fast

Stunningly beautiful, without disappointing within the build, mechanisms, or functions, the clock is a keeper.

   10. Pierre Laurent Swiss Made Solid Sterling Pocket Watch

There are many good things to say about Pierre Laurent Swiss Made Solid Sterling Silver Quartz Pocket Watch, with the solid sterling silver for the case the first one to mention.



Not only that the case is made of sterling silver (it’s marked), but it’s also beautifully engraved with beautiful lines. It gives the watch a classic and everlasting feel. You can also embed the case so that you can make it even more special.

The watch is more than meets the eye as it comes with Swiss Quartz movement, which maintains its precision.

The dial features a Second-hand Sweep and date. The roman numbers are sleek and black, making an elegant contrast with the white dial. There’s also a beautiful design engraved on the white dial, but it doesn’t get the dial busy in any way. If anything, it only sustains the elegant vibe that the watch has.

The pull/press button is easy to use and allows straightforward operation. The watch is very well made, and everything about it is high quality.

Let’s sum it all up for the main pros:

  • The sterling silver case takes the long time use
  • It looks elegant and classic
  • It runs accurately
  • The dial is clean and comfortable to read

We don’t find the downsides something to worry about:

  • It doesn’t include a chain
  • It may be smaller than expected

Beautiful, elegant, accurate, and a great piece to add to your timepiece collection, the pocket watch is one model to never skin when buying.

FAQs about pocket watches

Q: Which brand is the best?

A: Watch manufacturers use different techniques, with the high-dollar brands always impressing with the overall value and performance. Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, IWC, and Vacheron are only some of the respected brands out there.

Q: How many types of pocket watches are there?

A: There are numerous types of pocket watches: open-face, half hunter, full hunter, double half hunter, and double hunter.

  • Open-face- it’s the pocket watch without a cover. It’s pretty standard nowadays, but not very popular in the 18th and 19th century as it’s prone to scratching.
  • Half hunter- it has a cover with a crystal/half so that you may read the time without opening the watch
  • Full hunter- it has an entire cover which may also be engraved.
  • Double half hunter- the watch has half cover on both sides. You get to see both the time and the mechanical movements at its back. The front cover still features a crystal/hole for easier reading.
  • Double hunter- it has a complete cover on both sides.

Q: Should you get an analog or digital watch?

A: The digital watch shows time using digits, whereas the analog shows time with the hands moving inside the watch.

Just because a watch is digital doesn’t mean it’s electronic. Most pocket watches are analog, but you can also find digital models.

Q: What are the self-winding pocket watches?

A: A self-winding pocket watch uses your body movements for winding automatically. Not many pocket watches come with this feature, even though it’s helpful. When you’re not wearing it for a long time, you may wind it manually.

Q: Is the mechanical pocket watch the ideal choice?

A: Any mechanical watch makes a ticking sound, and so does a pocket model. It’s because of the spring that is wind manually so that the clock runs precisely. Mechanical movements power the winding and eliminate the need for a battery.

Q: Should you select quartz or an electronic pocket watch?

A: A charged quartz crystal vibrates, and the vibrations power the quartz pocket. The watch doesn’t need constant winding as no parts are moving inside the watch. The battery gives the power to that crystal.

With an electronic watch, the display may be LED or LCD digital. It can also be the classic analog display.


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