Best GPS Golf Watches

Best GPS Golf Watches

If you’re playing golf for a while now, then you should keep reading. Becoming a good golf player has never been easier, and your performance can improve when using the right accessories and equipment.

Why should you use a GPS golf watch?

Back in the day, you would only have to rely on your eyes and skills for getting the best shot in your game.

The golf accessories and equipment have come a long way, and one of the tools to use for taking your game to the next level is the GPS golf watch.

Capable of providing distance information, touch to target, and other functions, the GPS golf watch is what you’ve been missing to get better at golf.

What gives a good GPS golf watch?

Apart from a good build and durability feel, there are several functions that you want your GPS golf watch to perform. Here are the essential ones:

  • Distance information

A reliable GPS golf watch displays accurate distance yardages on its screen, acting as a personal caddie. It has to include distances to the back, the front, and the center of the green. You’re in for a great watch if it also comes with yardages to doglegs and hazards.

  • Individual shot tracking distance

It’s a separate mode to use on the GPS watch so that you may track the range of a particular golf shot.

  • Auto-course recognition

The function uses the GPS for locating the golf course, automatically pulling it so that you may begin the round without searching the course manually on your device.

  • Preloaded golf courses

Most golf watches come with preloaded with even 45,000 golf courses from all over the world, with some of the timepieces automatically updating you when connected to Wi-Fi. Some watches may auto-update without you having to connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Manual pin location

This ability lets you set the pin’s position on the green, calculating the distance afterward. You obtain more precise information, improving your golf performance.

  • Green mapping

The green mapping features allows you to take note of the real shape of the green. It means a lot when you’re far from the green and need to see what you’re aiming for.

  • Touch to target

It’s only the more advanced watches that come with this function which lets you press to a specific location on the screen, calculating the distance to the point fast.

  • Swing analysis

It’s a function that give you tools for tracking swing speed, swing path, launch angle, ball speed, and numerous swing metrics.

  • Scorecard

You get access to the digital scorecard right on the watch. You may track and even store your golf scores for later analysis. It gives you an idea about your performance for several golf rounds.

Apart from the functions, what other aspects matter?

It’s not only the list of functions that renders the overall value of a GPS golf watch, so keep on reading:

  • Battery life

You wish that your clock runs for all the 18 holes, so a battery that lasts for a reasonable amount of time is ideal. You don’t want to charge it too often, and most GPS golf watches come with batteries that hold for 10 to 18 hours.

  • Waterproof

It’s not mandatory, but you should look for a waterproof watch so that it takes the excessive sweating or accidental drops into the water easy.

  • Responsive touch screen

A GPS golf watch that comes with a sensitive touch screen allows straightforward navigation, winning you time and patience.

Don’t go shopping just yet

GPS golf watches may intimidate a newbie, so you should look for one that is user-friendly, without disappointing on the list of functions or performance. You want the clock to help you and not give you a headache while using it.

Top 10 Best GPS Golf Watches

   1. GolfBuddy WT6 Golf GPS Watch

Shopping on a fixed budget is no walk in the park, but you shouldn’t lose hope. You can find a good GPS gold watch for less than $100, and the GolfBuddy WT6 Golf GPS Watch is one to try.




It’s an excellent option for the entry-level golfer as it’s dependable within its functions, but doesn’t intimidate with the features. The watch comes preloaded with more than 38,000 course worldwide and free updates. It includes tasks such as Hole recognition and Automatic course but informs you on the distance to hazards and miles to front/center/back of the green.

It’s a water-resistant watch that comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts 9 hours in Golf mode and even two months in watch mode.

Let’s focus on the right things:

  • It’s not complicated and allows straightforward use
  • It has preloaded 40,000 courses worldwide
  • It provides the distance to front/center/back of the green and hazards
  • It’s water-resistant and comes with a rechargeable battery

The downsides shouldn’t worry you much:

  • The strap on isn’t great
  • It’s for the entry-level users

Since it provides essential information, it’s easy to use, and affordable, the watch is an excellent choice for the beginners.

   2. Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

Anyone looking for a GPS golf watch on a thin wallet should take the leap of faith with the Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch.




The watch comes preloaded with 30,000+ golf courses around the world, without needing you to have subscriptions or pay extra fees. reads distances to the front/center, and back of the green, but also carry distances to doglegs and back of hazards. The scorekeeper function records the scores, putts per round, and GIR. You can also use the Auto-course recognition, the shot distance measurement, and the Auto-Hole advance.

It’s a beautiful looking watch that features both analog and digital time display, with an automatic setting for the date and time (via satellite).

The battery may last for 10-12 hours in the GPS mode and even for 90 days when only using the time mode. On top of everything else, the watch comes in black or white, ensuring a sleek and comfortable style.

Let’s check the right things once again:

  • It has 30,00 golf courses preloaded
  • It features rechargeable Li-Io battery
  • It has a sleek and comfortable style
  • It performs numerous functions for golf

We’re not making a drama out of some minor problems:

  • The band may not pass the durability test
  • It has slow satellite pickup at times

Beggars cannot be choosers and, for the price, we’d say you’re getting quite a dependable, sleek, and performant GPS golf watch.

   3. Garmin Approach S10 – Golf Watch

If you’re looking for an easy to use and affordable GPS golf watch, the Garmin Approach S10 – Lightweight GPS Golf Watch fits the description just fine.


The watch has a sleek and subtle profile, feeling lightweight and comfortable on any wrist. The dial has high resolution, and the display is easy to use even on a bright sunny day.

When it comes to the function, it’s good to know that the watch offers yardages to the back, the front, and the middle of the Green, Hazards and doglegs included. It includes more than 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide.

You may easier check the score and take a look at the summary of your round, total time, and the whole played distance. You can also upload the scorecards and transition to the next hole automatically.

The battery lasts for 12 hours in GPS golf mode, and it’s easy to recharge. Comfortable, lightweight, and subtle, the watch is a reliable option to have in mind.

Let’s have a look at the positive aspects:

  • It’s a simple watch that eases the use
  • It has a subtle profile, and it’s lightweight
  • It’s accurate and comes with preloaded courses
  • The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 12 hours

The cons are nothing to worry about:

  • Some feel that the GPS takes a bit of time
  • The band could be of better quality

Regardless of the minor issues, the watch is an excellent choice for the golfer that looks for a basic, subtle, and reliable GPS golf watch.

   4. Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch

There are many things to appreciate on the Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch with the Bluetooth ability sealing the deal for many.




The watch includes 36,000+ preloaded courses in 30 countries, and numerous functions that help you  golf better. It provides front/center/back distances, and notices you  on four hazard distances per hole. It also comes with  Auto Hole Advance, Auto Course Recognition, shot distance calculator and round odometer.

Some are going to find the Fitness Step Counter helpful, and the long battery life satisfying. You receive  USB charging/sync cable and Bushnell Golf App.

The design is fresh as the watch looks sleek, and its reversible band makes it more versatile. Just as we’ve mentioned, the Bluetooth technology ensures wireless courses updates, without you having to pay any more fees or subscriptions.

We’ve come up with a list of the best things for you:

  • It comes with Bluetooth technology
  • It provides front/center/back distances
  • The battery lasts for long
  • The strap is reversible

Don’t change your mind over some minor issues:

  • The band doesn’t seem durable
  • You may not be able to replace the strap

However, for the Bluetooth technology, straightforward use, and reliable functions, the watch still makes it into our Top 10.

   5. Shot Scope V2 Smart Golf Watch

Easy to set it up and to use, the Shot Scope V2 Smart Golf Watch – GPS Dynamic Yardages is one choice to keep in mind.


Thanks to the GPS, the watch calculates the distances to front/middle/back of green and hazard. It can automatically track your shots thanks to the Clubsense technology.

You may use the watch on every course from anywhere on the planet, without you needing a subscription or paying an extra fee. The distances can be displayed both in meters or yards.

Helping you to spot on and to pick the irons for the approaches when getting closer to the pin, the watch is a great tool that shows you where you need to improve your game. It’s accurate, and the battery lasts for a reasonable amount of time.

Here’s what we like a lot about it:

  • Setting it up and using it is easy
  • It tracks shots well
  • It helps you golf a lot better
  • It doesn’t require a subscription

We’re not making a tragedy out of the problems:

  • It’s a tad big
  • You may push the side buttons by accidents

Whenever you’re determined to improve your game and don’t have the time for the sophisticated GPS golf watches, take the plunge with this one. It may be what your game was missing!

   6. SkyCaddie LINX Watch

Anyone looking for a GPS golf watch that isn’t just functional, but also elegantly looking, should take a look at the SkyCaddie LINX Watch.



Many may like the white and classy profile of the watch, but the functions or the performance are also notable.

The elegant multisport watch comes preloaded with 35,000 golf courses from around the world. It provides precise green distances to the front/center/back, considering the approach angle. It also offers ground layup targets from the tee box throughout the whole hole, helping you get better at your game. You get to check the digital scoring and the hole statistics, getting a clear idea on the fairways to hit and total putts.

The list of features continues since the watch includes odometer for tracking distance, time, location, laps, pace, speed, and calories burned throughout your bike rides, runs, or walks. Let’s not forget that it’s a multisport watch.

The watch has Bluetooth and comes with a free Sky Golf mobile app so that you may receive notifications text and call alerts.

Here’s the list of pros:

  • It’s a multisport watch
  • It’s Bluetooth enabled and comes with many functions
  • It comes with 35,000 golf courses preloaded
  • It looks elegant and feels comfortable

The cons aren’t significant at all:

  • Some miss the black looks of most GPS golf watches
  • The battery life could be longer

Convenient, accurate, and easy to use right out of the box, the watch is both a looker and a reliable timepiece.

   7. Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

There are many things to appreciate on the Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch with Worldwide Courses, with the lightweight body and accuracy as some of its selling points.


The watch contains more than 40,000 golf courses around the world. It offers you yardage to the front/back, and middle of the green, with attractive layup and dogleg distances. You can take a look at the digital scorecard that you may also store and print later on.

The watch is flexible and lightweight but has a durability feel to it. It’s tough and water-resistant up to 330ft.

It has automatic time and date setting, and you can even set the alarm. The Li-Io battery doesn’t need much time for recharging, and there are several color options for the band to choose from.

Take another look at the best things:

  • It’s sturdy, water-resistant, yet lightweight and comfortable
  • It contains more than 40,000 preloaded courses
  • It’s accurate, and the GPS is highly sensitive
  • It’s easy to read, and you can choose from many colors for the band

The downsides are no reason for backing down:

  • Some think there are too many buttons
  • The performance isn’t always consistent

Be that as it may, the watch is one popular option and you should give it a try.

   8. Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is making an excellent impression since the dual-sport band (it comes in several color combos) is pretty.


However, the watch brings a lot more to the table. For instance, it comes preloaded with more than 35,000 courses in more than 30 countries, and it includes Auto course recognition and auto hole advance. It’s not difficult to read the distances to the front/center, and back.

The watch comes with up to 4 hazard/layup distances per hole. You may confidently use the distance calculator and the step counter too. You don’t need to download any fees nor pay membership.

The battery lasts for a long time, and the watch comes with USB charging/sync cable. The dual-injected silicone band is comfortable and has a pleasant tactile feel.

On top of everything else, the watch is legal for Tournament play.

Here are the most important good things:

  • It’s legal for Tournament play
  • It rocks a dual injected silicone band
  • It’s not big, lightweight, and easy to wear
  • It’s accurate and easy to use

The negatives don’t pose a real problem:

  • Switching between the time functions and the golf ones isn’t easy for some
  • The charger clip is a bit weak

Beautiful looking, reliable, accurate, and comfortable to wear, the watch is yet another option that many golfers are going to use it for years to come.

   9. SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition

Can you imagine that for just one price, you get both a shot tracking watch and a golf GPS rangefinder? It’s the case for the SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition which is going to allow you to take your golf to the next level.




The pack includes a golf GPS rangefinder and shot tracking watch that comes with mobile GPS app. The watch comes preloaded with 35,000 exact ground course maps and offers accurate distance to water, bunkers, creeks, carries, and more.

The shot tracking Smart tags work as an electronic inventory system as they recognize every club in the bag, capturing shot location, and calculating distances.

Inteligreen shows the shape of the green, judging by your angle of approach. It moves the cursor to the point on the green.

You may pair the SkyCaddie mobile GPS with your Smartphone. Despite the many functions, the watch is relatively easy to use and precise in its readings.

Here’s our take on the pros:

  • It’s a great combo to get for your golfing
  • The GPS gives accurate readings, and the watch is dependable
  • It’s easy to use and comfortable to wear the watch
  • It comes with 35,000 preloaded golf courses

We play fair and list the downsides as well:

  • The app for the phone may crash at times
  • Some found the shot tracking a bit tricky

Despite the minor problems, the set is still a reliable, precise, and durable option to keep in mind when you’re determined to improve your golfing.

   10. Garmin Approach S60-Golf Watch

The more you’re willing to pay for your watch, the more you should expect in terms of performance and overall build. The Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch is no cheap GPS golf watch, but it’s worth every single penny.



It’s large, 1.2″ color touchscreen is easy to read even in direct sunlight, whereas the design of the watch is rather sleek. Despite the numerous functions, the clock is lightweight and provides a good fit, no matter the size of your wrist.

The GPS works fast and identifies your location, display yardages to Greens, hazards, and doglegs accurate. The course maps are full-color and easy to comprehend.

The watch comes with more than 40,000 preloaded courses from many places around the world and provides flawless golf functions. The battery lasts for more than 10 hours when using the golf mode. When using it in watch mode, it can last for ten days or so.

Highly customizable, the watch is one significant investment to make for your golfing.

Let’s sum it all up for the main pros:

  • It’s highly customizable and flawless in terms of golf functions
  • You get it preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses
  • The GPS works fast and provides accurate information
  • It’s sleek, dependable, and versatile

Bells and whistles aside, here are the minor issues:

  • It doesn’t feature heart rate monitoring
  • It has a steep price

Even if the watch isn’t all roses and rainbows, it’s still a fantastic model to buy any given day.

FAQs on GPS Golf Watches

Q: How can a GPS golf watch improve your game?

A: The more and accurate information you obtain, the better you can get at your golf game. It’s the perfect caddie for an entry-level or non-professional golf player.

Q: Are GPS golf watches legal in golf?

A: The GPS golf watches are included in the rangefinder category. The advanced technology and shifting culture are the main reasons for which golf rules officials allow GPS watches in some situations, and even in competitive tournament games.

The rangefinders and the GPS watches allowed in competitions are the basic models that only come with distance measuring functions.

Q: What features aren’t allowed in competitive play?

A: If you don’t want to get banned or outlawed for competition, your GPS golf watch shouldn’t include any of the following functions:

  • Swing analysis
  • Weather conditions
  • Slope reading
  • Wind measurement
  • Club suggestions
  • Possibility to get in touch with your trainer.

Q: Do you need a GPS golf watch when you’re playing for fun?

A: Truth be told, not all golfers play for the score. Some of them don’t even keep score, as golf is a lot more than shooting a number. Solid shots and spending quality time with friends count a lot more in golf. As long as you see it that way, you’re going to be able to enjoy golfing a lot more. Golf watches can surely speed up your game though, as a slow round is still a slow round. You don’t need to check the yardage markers when using a golf watch on your wrist.

A GPS golf watch is going to save you both effort and time, allowing you to concentrate on hitting the right shots and sharing a laugh with your friends.

Q: Can you improve your swing when using a golf watch?

A: Needless to say, only by wearing a GPS golf watch, you do not get a better swing. However, many golf watches include features that can improve your swing (tempo trainers is one to name). The tempo trainer gives audible beeps for signaling three critical moments in any golf swing. When you’re rushing your swing, using a watch of this kind can change your swing for the better. If you’re ready to pay the high-dollar, look for the top end watches. They provide info on your swing power and various data that ultimately helps you see what you need to improve on your game.

Q: How much should you spend on a GPS golf watch?

A: The variety of models is impressive as the list of functions can vary from one brand to another. You may find reliable golf watches for no more than $100, whereas more performant clocks are going to be around $300. With Garmin dominating the market, you should be able to get a good GPS golf watch without emptying your wallet. It depends on what you want in your watch and how much you’re willing to spend for it.

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